I have a question

I am scheduled to go to court for a hearing in November. My last court room appearance resulted in a hypoglycemic incident on the stand and it lead to the judge declaring a mis-trial. I’m not sure why this happens to me but it is unnerving. I have tried to run my numbers higher but it still drops. I do not allow for stress to be one of the excuses in my blood sugar control but sometimes I have no other reason for it. I mean if my readings are not in the normal range it’s either I missed a meal, ate too much of something, took too much insulin, did not take enough, etc…
I have asked my attorney to reply to me about setting something up with the judge so that I can test more frequently and snack accordingly but she has not responded to my request.
Is this request too much to ask for? Does it fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act? I need to be coherent for this hearing.

Sounds reasonable to ask for - especially if your last hearing ended in a mistrial due to your low blood sugar. I’m not really sure how you should proceed, but anxiety can cause very high blood sugar levels in some folks, while causing very low blood sugar levels in others. So no matter how much you eat before hand (and you don’t want to be too hyperglycemic on the stand or else you could doze off!), you really need to test a lot during the trial.

Hey Kimberly!
Thanks for your reply. I was hoping that testing every hour would be helpful as sometimes I do not feel the symptoms of hypoglycemia. That’s been happening to me for fifteen years now. I am so grateful for the invention of the glucose monitor. It’s truly a life saver.

Hi Debb!
Thanks for that idea. I’ll give it a try. I’ve got to work fast because my hearing is November 19th. I am really beginning to feel the anxiety now. Thanks again!

Hi Barbara
If eating in the courtroom is not allowed you might want to get some of those little glucose drinks. I call them glucose shots, but they are little inobtrusive plastic bottles that can fit into any pocket or anything else and can be drunk in a matter of 2 seconds,if you are low. They catch you up quickly and there is no chewing or anything messy. My son-in-law allows these any time in his courtroom or allows a small recess if he knows ahead of time. Good luck.

Try hitting up your hospital or diabetes clinic to try and borrow a CGM for a day or however or how often you need it. It won’t help with keeping your BG up but you’ll know when it’s going down