I have a slight problem

Here’s the situation. My bf works the swing shift which means he doesn’t get off work until between 2am and 4am. I have been staying with him (I am starting to move my stuff in this weekend.). I watch his son after 9pm because his roommate has to get up early to open the store she runs. We usually go to bed around then. I dont sleep then because I keep an eye on his son because he has epilsey and some other things wrong with him.

Anyways, because my bf gets home so late we are not getting up until between 10am and 11am and that’s throwing off my insulin schedule. I take two doses of Lantus, once in the morning and once at night (30units each time). I’m wondering if I shouldn’t some how adjust my Lantus so I take more at night so it lasts threw until I get up or what I should do. I need to get this stablized because I want to eventually have a child.

Any advice would help. I am seeing my new endo on August 4th, but I was hoping to get things straightened out before then. My primary care doctor is completely clueless about adjusting diabetes insulin. Some PCP huh?!


When I go to bed later and wake up later, I just end up taking my Lantus dose later, usually right before I go to bed, whatever that time may be. If I try to increase my dose instead, I just end up having nightime lows.

Theoretically the two shots only need to be 12 hours apart. So it should be possible to adjust the injection pattern to your sleeping pattern. This way you can inject as late as possible. The problem is that your body has its own rhythm. If your body is reacting to sunlight by releasing glucose from the liver (dawn reaction) then you will risk to go high while oversleeping the morning. Maybe it will help to lock out as much sun as possible to prevent this reaction.


I too have had a similiar situation, constant change in schedules. I work retail and one day my schedule may be, 5:30-2 one day then 1:00 p.m to 9:30 p.m. another day. Then somewhere in the middle on other days. Also occasionally I have to work overnight.

Managing my Diabetes was becoming impossible with that constant change. Energy levels change every day, highs in the middle of day and night, I had to figure out what meal I was eating (breakfast or lunch). Crazy, Crazy Crazy. Also changing schedules in your household makes it hectic. Your BF may eat at differant time that you insulin tells you to eat.

At the high point of craziness I decided to go with the pump route. Wow! Much better. It makes sense. It has made a big differance in managing my Diabetes. A1c has come down, not having the lows and highs. Much better control.

You also mentioned that you are considering children. Blogs that I have read many of the woman manage their Diabetes with insulin pumps, so that they can get their numbers under tighter control.

Lantus drove me crazy. I still say that it has a peak.

Increasing the dosage won’t make it last longer!!! The time frame is pre-determined and fixed. by taking more lantus u are just increasing the basal rate and this could lead to lows!!! PLEASE DON’T Do IT.

The problem is my insurance wont cover the pump. Only in extreme circumstances. Just like with the insulin pens you have to be blind or disfigured to get them. Oh I have Utah Medicaid.

Perhaps you could change injection sites?

Try upper thigh or upper buttocks for slower absorption - anywhere that isn’t much muscle, but NOT over a bone like the hip bone.

So, take your night time lantus in the upper thigh, upper buttocks, or about 2 inches above the pubic bone. Lots of fatty tissue there and not a lot of muscle movement.

In the AM, take it as usual.