I Have Come To The Conclusion That I Hate TV Commercials!

So I was working out last night at Anytime Fitness and every machine has it's own personal TV attached so you can plug your ear buds and watch mindlessly while working your butt off.
I love the idea that I get to watch my stories when they air on TV, but the worst part of it is the COMMERCIALS!
Any commercials about food: a restaurant, fast food, soda, crisps and snacks, cookies, cakes! Every time I see these commercials, I want to eat those things. I want them in my mouth. Right. Now.
I know this would derail all of my weight loss progress (-50 lbs since May 2013, woohoo!) and give me the worst heartburn, and basically be the bane of my existence.
I struggle so hard with cravings. I'm an over eater, or binge eater, I have been since I can remember, but it became a problem when I went off to college. Now that it's 8 years later, things have been slightly more manageable, but cravings have been so strong lately that I have given in a few times within the last month.
I was just recently diagnosed with Type 2, in the beginning of November 2013, so I'm still trying to figure things out.. I know I want to lose more weight to get to my goal of 160 lbs, to do that I need to lose 30 lbs. I can't do that if I'm giving in to my cravings all the time.
It has been such a huge challenge to see those foods on TV commercials and not get to have them, or have shame/guilt when I do indulge (in moderation).

My conclusion is that TV commercials are evil and even though I get to watch my stories, I should have other things to do and look at when those commercials come on.



PS Apologies for my rantings and ravings.

Maybe it will help a little to know that the "food" they show in commercials isn't really edible - its a mix of plastic, chemicals, paints, and industrial chemicals with a little bit of real food fashioned by "food stylists" to look better than real food ever could. ABC News article Here.

Ads are lies, plain and simple.

Molly: I love your energy & admire your attitude about taking care of your health! And I relate to your cravings challenge. Also, like you, I was dxed as a T2 a couple years AFTER losing a significant amount of weight--bum deal, huh?
I don't have tv anymore, but yes those commercials are evil. My pet peeve are all the friends who post pix on Facebook of their great dinner out or home-baked treats. I call it food porn & try to move my attention elsewhere.
Dealing with cravings as a PWD or trying to lose weight is a life-long struggle against temptations. I keep coming up with strategies to deal with it. Examples:

  • a handful of nuts or a square of very good dark chocolate can often satisfy my desire for a treat.
    • Keeping healthy snacks at hand at my office--so I don't get to starvation mode, when I least likely to make a good choice.

But sometimes a certain food just gets in my head, say fruit pie or choc cake. I deliberate, and if the craving persists for a couple days, I'll give in. Then the craving usually goes away & I return to healthy stuff at the next meal. I don't think having pie a few times a year is gonna kill me!
Another idea: switch channels--some programming has different kinds of ads. PBS?Hang in!!!

I threw my TV away 15 years ago and have never regretted it.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Just having your replies has helped tremendously.

It's been 12 years since I've owned a TV. I don't really miss it. I'm on vacation now and I watch some TV. Most of the content seems so hollow. I did watch the Grammy's and am reminded of my advancing years. I used to know all of the artists, now I just recognize the oldsters, like the Beatles.

I lost 90% of my food cravings when I switched to a low carb diet 21 months ago. When I do get some food cravings, I go for 1-2 ounces of nuts. For me, carbs are like an addiction, the more I eat the more I want.

For some of us, Molly, carbs aren't "like an addiction", they ARE an addiction. I spent 30 years of my life being addicted to sugar and struggled unsuccessfully to limit my intake. Like many of us I would "be good" for awhile and then give in, and like you when I ate sugar I ate it in excessive quantities. Until the day that I really got that for me at least it was physiologically addictive and while there are many ways to deal with psychological and emotional cravings, there is only one way to deal with physiological cravings/aka addiction: Completely cut out the thing you're addicted to. AA discovered that principal in 1939 and OA was created after that model. I had lots of false starts on stopping sugar but once I got it one day I just stopped eating sugar altogether. This September that "one day" will be 20 years.

Today I can watch commercials, watch and listen to friends oohing and ah-ing over some fabulous confection and to me it is all styrofoam. Worse, when someone serves me something with sugar in it by mistake, it is disgustingly sweet to me.

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TV commercial 'pet peeve' thread? Here's mine: I hate the D-med commercials - mostly because they promote lots of misconceptions. For example, am I the only one that noticed that ALL the PWD in the latest Victoza commercial are seriously overweight?

I've learned to ignore food commercials (helps that I keep Kosher), but, well, I don't like the sort of stererotyping that promotes misconceptions... News flash: Not all Type 2's are obese! I am not, thankyouverymuch...

I have a couple of pet-peeves about D-commercials. One is referring to "diabetes" when they're really talking about T2D.

The second is any use of the terms "cure" or "reverse." My diabetes cannot be reversed by any method to date. These commercials misinform the general public. They imply that anyone that's motivated can reverse their diabetes.

I feel insulted when I hear these things. I despise this kind of marketing!

I really think that is true, Terry. The more I indulge, even in moderation, the more I crave. And watching TV commercials is torture. I don't have a TV at home and I don't plan to ever have one, but when I watch at the gym, where I'm making huge strides in challenging myself physically, mentally, I'm drained because of the whole "If I see it, I want to eat it." Pure. Torture.

You are an inspiration, Zoe! 20 years is a very long time and kudos to you! I would love to hear your thoughts on OA and maybe get more information about it. Do they have a website? I'm sure they do. Can you tell me a little about your experience in the program?

Exactly. What's being Kosher like? I would love to learn more about it.

D-commercials are a-whole-nother can of worms. Other than making me want to cry, I agree with you Thas and Terry, misinformation, false hope and the portrayal of people with diabetes 1 2 and whatever else, is just not accurate. We are not a cookie cutter stereotype. Stop making us out to be.

We got rid of cable. We later picked up Netflix and got hooked to that. It was really wild seeing the changes to cable news and cable TV in a snapshot type of way. You don't notice it when it is changing slowly, but the ADD/stimulation levels with the news really went way up, and then they started bombarding everyone with commercials. It's horrible.

I am a Netflix junkie and internet too. I just can't stand television. Not one bit.

I have a good idea..take your ear buds out on the commercials and throw a towel over the screen...temptation is all around a person that is trying to lose weight or if you have Diabetes. I myself have type 2.

Simple & smart strategy Lisa Michelle!