I have coronary artery disease


I’m glad that you took your normal path of gathering information and educating yourself separate from just taking what one physician says as the only truth.

I’m 60, and at 55 yrs old my cardiologist (purely went to one as preventative due to T1 for 27 yrs then. Took a nuclear stress test, he tells me that he’s never seen a diabetic of either major type with my level of heart and artery health. Even asked if he could use my results, cleansed of PII in a diabetes outreach program he led.

Eight months later, three heart attacks cause me to walk into the ER where they had me in the OR in <10 minutes for 5 stents.

What happened? Statins happened. LDL was 72, my PCP tried pushing me below 50 per new guidelines. Massive nasty reaction, almost lost my kidneys to rhabdomyolysis. Clogged up my arteries, and the left anterior descending artery aka the “Widow Maker” was 98% closed.

So I’m a very loud opponent of statins, and the 50 LDL guideline.

Stay healthy my friend!


That’s pretty!

If you don’t mind a few questions, how many carbs do you eat per day and what kind of foods are they? Are you eating the plant-based high-carb, low-fat fare?

What’s the frequency, intensity and duration of your exercise? If you miss a day of exercise, do you see rising BG lines?

What works, works.


Wow! I thought rahbdomyolysis was limited to muscles. That’s the condition in one of his patients that freaked out a former endocrinologist of mine. He was totally gun-shy of statins after that.

Why were you prescribed statins after such a sterling performance on the stress test? That seems weird. I hope you’ve fully recovered. Have you had any follow-up heart catheterizations to inspect the stent health? Do you feel well?

Thanks for your comment, Kev.


It would be more honest if everyone who takes up your challenge posts a 14-Day Overlay from Clarity, instead of cherry picking a few hours out of one day.


Yeah, 14 days of data is sufficient to draw some good conclusions. But I think if someone could draw a line like Eddie did on one day, especially if that was the last 24 hours, I think it’s a strong indication of longer term very good BG control.

My main interest here is correlating people who consume a high-carb, low-fat diet, eat hundreds of carbs each day and can maintain reasonable control.


I’ve had days just like his, but I can’t replicate that on my 14-day charts. THAT was my point. I could cherry pick and look like a non-diabetic, but that’s not honest, FOR MOST OF US. Eddie may be the exception and I wasn’t intending my comments to include HIS bg control.


Okay. Nevermind.


never mind, as other comments have been withdrawn.


For me, my results slowly got better. Maybe one great day in a 14-day period, then two days a few months down the line. But it also has effects since even your worse days start getting better.

I actually like the 14-day Clarity AGP report the most. It’s a single page, an intuitive graphic, and some statistics. For me it helps to turn data into action.


I apologize if my language conveyed that. It was not intended that way, serious. :grinning:


I don’t want to get into a contest. I just would like to understand if perhaps there are people out there who eat a high-carb, low-fat plant-based diet and are able to regularly enjoy good blood glucose.

I’ve heard words to that effect on a podcast but I’d like to see the data.


ok. I had initially made my comment about anyone who would accept eddie’s challenge as those who (according to him) ate a lot of carbs. If they wanted to make a point, they could possibly try to prove a point by cherry-picking a day when their bg’s were stable. that was all I was suggesting. I never said, nor intended that HIS photo was not representative of his good control. If someone can eat high carb and stay under 150, more power to them, but I find it hard to believe that high-carbers can achieve the results that eddie showed for his day (which, I take it, is a day that represents a sensible diet)


so now i can’t think of anything for supper. boston market meatloaf? make a grilled cheese and bacon? would tomato be weird to add to that? I’ve had so many “pc” meals, I’m bored! i had one egg this AM, so I try to avoid having more eggs tonight. I’m always up for a breakfast at night, but don’t think its a good idea. lol I tried to be “good” by skipping bacon this AM. darn, too low to consider waiting for take out. off to the kitchen to whip something up.


Terry I will reply to you in PM and answer all your questions. Maybe it’s better that way. My approach is unconventional. It’s based on my experience and decades of trial and error, nothing else.


why not share w/ the group?


That’s fine, Eddie. I understand.


Just saw your comment about diet.

My way around all of the low carb, yet low fat is to go keto with tons of spices (Habenero Tabasco sauce is my companion everywhere I go when eating something I haven’t cooked) and be very careful about the fats.

Instapot keto cookbooks for international foods are my friend. Not a meal over 9gb of carbs, plenty of spices and flavor, and low fat.

The Keto Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre is my current favorite.


I just ordered an instapot today. I want to make yogurt but I’d love to experiment with some other meals.


There are quite a few yogurt recipes out there, and it’s been our experience they’re all good. We have many Persian friends, and one of them gave me a recipe for Instapot that happens to be my favorite.

Frankly, I don’t think you can go wrong, they all seem to be pretty good.


One area of strong dietary interest to me is anything I can do to improve my gut health. I am very interested in starting to eat more fermented foods. Things like kim-chi and sauerkraut.