I have diabetes

i’m only 19 what will i do?

You’re going to be alright, Jonathan. I have had diabetes for over 18 years and am a healthy 29 year old professional. The first year is the hardest while you learn this new information about your body, but it’s important that you know that life goes on with diabetes. Your diet will change and you will deal with blood sugar fluctuations and medications, but otherwise, you can be just as you have always been.

Best of luck to you. Ask questions of our community and know that there are 5,000+ here for you.

Renee, Melissa, thanks for the cover! I was out of commission for two days. (talk about PC hoggers…)

Jonathan, first things first, RELAX. I know, your life will have to change. That is why we are here. We can share tips, advice, and listen to you. Next step, have yourself checked by a doctor, inside out. Don’t just let them tell you what to do, let them help you out as well, hindi yung basta-basta ka na lang susunod sa sinasabi nila nang ganun ganun lang.

here is my contact info as well, if you need it.

email/ym: blakey_cedar@yahoo.com

cellphone #: upon request

Hi Jonathan. i am 36 years old and have only had T1 for a year now. The best andvice i can give you is to ask as many questions as you can of every one with info to share, and do not let Diabetes run your life, You are in controle of what you do and when you do it.

Let me know if you have any questions.

name: ali
years with diabetes : 33
years on earth : 33
years on pump : 20
life so far : priceless

as you can see i am doing well. i wore glasses as a child but outgrew them by the time i was eleven. i have no circulatory problems, however some issues have crept up here and there, but nothing significant, i have all ten fingers and toes, both limbs, and great kidney function. diabetes doesn’t run my life…i run diabetes’ life!

stay strong and know we’re all here for you. i just joined the forum but i am not new to the disease!

Hi Jonathan,

Am very glad you’ve found us. Tu D is a incredible community of caring people. Don’t be shy about asking questions, expressing your fears, anger or anything you like. Tons of info here for you to learn from & read as you have time.

Though I’m a lot older, I was only diagnosed in late May. Don’t think age has much to do with it actually because I think the same feelings/thoughts go through all of us when we get the diagnosis. Disbelief, dread, fear, anger, confusion, frustration & a host of others. Some days I still can’t believe it! I cried at first, but only when no one could see me. I wanted to be brave & in charge, not caught being a sobbing mess.

With help & support, you will find your inner strength to deal with & control this. Really, you will. Horribly overwhelming, I know. Deep breaths, taking it one day at time, baby steps–these are things that helped me. I didn’t want to be a disease. I wanted to be a person first & do everything I did before (ok, other than eating what I can’t & shouldn’t).

Please turn to your brothers & sisters here. Tell your family & friends how you’re feeling & what you need from them.

Hi Jonathon! You’ve come to the right place for information and support.We are all here to help you.I was diagnosed at 19 as well and made up my mind after a period of not caring at first that I do care.I wanted to get married someday and spend my life with my partner.Learn all you can and stay positive.Remember that you have diabetes it doesn’t have you!

You’re in the right place. I am 33 and newly diagnosed, the people here have befriended me and are making my transition easier. Hang in there, we are all together!!! Chris.