I have ED

“Honey I love you and I just want you to know that if as I get older I can’t get it up any more it won’t be a problem because they have pills I can take that’ll make me not even have any sex drive. So it won’t matter.”

Your reason for being able to deal with the changes will of course be different from your partner’s, as should be obvious.

Maybe both partners should take the pill so that neither one of them will miss it. :joy::joy:


Yeah, realistically it sounds like the woman should just start taking it first, before there is any problem, so there won’t be any frustration…

If we just preemptively chemically castrate everyone there wouldn’t be any sexual problems in relationships or in our society. It’s a win-win.


I believe they tried this experiment on the most astute philosophical television program of our time - Seinfeld. Turns out men become geniuses when they are no longer pre-occupied by sex, but for women it’s the opposite. Have you considered this?? Do you not care about the women of our society?

It is interesting that complications seem not to develop in diabetic children until they enter puberty, which raises the question of whether preventing puberty would also prevent complications, and if so, would it be worth it? There are many mysteries in diabetes which the constant fixation on controlling blood sugar better with machine A or machine B induces people to ignore.

PREVENT PUBERTY??? Why are u even THINKING about that?? No, never mind; please don’t answer. sigh.


Sometimes you just have to shake your head and walk away.


seriously. I know–you are right. I’ve had 2 neck fusions, so I skip the shaking of the head, and just sigh deeply. :slight_smile:

I’d guess because less than 10 or so years’ duration of diabetes is not enough time in which to develop complications.

actually it is. One can have PN in 10 years.

If we just cryogenically froze children in liquid nitrogen, or, theoretically; if we could launch them into outer space at or near the speed of light— they would live forever without health problems! but would it be worth it? These are the questions of our time.


please don’t give him any more ideas! He’s got enough unconventional ones as is. :slight_smile:

Is that the word?

If you do not exceed the speed of light then what is even the point of trying.




adjective: unconventional

  1. not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.

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It’s all relative.