I have ED

The National Geo series ‘Genius’ had a great first season covering Einstein. We found it fascinating and binged-watched it to completion on Hulu.

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Oh it’s still on the rails, it’s just that the rails were none too secure to begin with and now they seem to be veering for the nearest nuthatchery. I checked the guidelines for “try not to put forward as a serious idea something that is gobsmackingly looney,” but there’s nothing specific on that.

“Funny farm” categories did you mean?

NOVA did one on him a while back, and it was excellent, but the best thing: I kept trying to remember why the actor playing the great genius was so familiar, until I finally placed him as Andrew Sachs, who played the totally-not-a-genius Manuel in Fawlty Towers.

So many puns spring to mind that I feel dizzy.

beacher, go for it. just don’t faint.

the guy playing Einstein (in ‘Genius’) in his adulthood reminded us of Peter Sellers. That made it hard to concentrate on the show. LOL!

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Similarly, Tony Robinson, who played Baldric (“I have a cunning plan!”) in the Black Adder series is an incredibly well-read history and archeology buff and has a long running series on British TV as well as numerous books on those subjects. I think they’re on YouTube, at least some episodes (Time Team). Well worth watching if you’re as obsessed about history as I am.

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Here’s the article:

Pediatr Diabetes.2014 Feb;15(1):18-26.

Puberty as an accelerator for diabetes complications.

Cho Y, et al.

Much is written about how difficult it is to deal with diabetes during adolescence, and rightly so. Less is understood as to how puberty may be an accelerator of vascular complications. With the increase in childhood diabetes, complication risks need to be revisited in relation to puberty and the secular increase in adiposity. Recent data suggest greater risk for severe vascular complications in those with diabetes during puberty, compared with young people who develop diabetes after puberty. It is also widely recognized that higher hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) results are often seen during the pubertal period. This article will review complication outcomes in relation to puberty and examine mechanisms by which puberty may modify risk above glycemic exposure, and possible gender disparities in the risk of complications in the adolescent period.

and your point? (not being rude–just don’t get the additional info you just posted)

Yeah. Too far.

Flagging. And stating it publicly. For extreme offensiveness.

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I’ve flagged as well. this guy could use a break from posting, I think. Now is when I wish I were a mod. LOL! (truth be told, I wouldn’t want to deal with interpersonal issues on a forum. someone is always upset somewhere, over something. :slight_smile: )

Be careful what you wish for! It’s one of those jobs that, from the outside, looks a lot simpler than it does when you actually assume the role. Just know that the admins all want to make this place a desirable place to meet online to discuss diabetes issues.


Is there a clincal trial I could sign up for to be launched into space at the speed of light? I assume it would be a no cost trial.

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We must have different priorities. I, for one, kind of like sex and value being capable of it… to me, it’s even more fun than posting links to journal articles online.

I’d much rather live to be 73 and enjoy decades of physical connection and the emotional happiness that goes with it than live to be 75 as a newt, having never gone through puberty, having been castrated to avoid complications, or taking a medication to receive the “benefit” of no libido.

But my own thoughts aside, I can assume you that your assertions are pretty offensive to a broad spectrum of people who’ve struggled through a wide variety of real life experiences.

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Obviously we admins have been discussing this thread, which seems to have passed beyond unhelpful into what the legal guys refer to as an “attractive nuisance.” Given the obvious level of community concern, I’m going to go ahead and lock it for now, pending further administrative action.

This is a public forum, all threads and comments searchable by major engines. This is not one I’d prefer to have anyone Google their way into as a first impression of what we’re about.