"I have enough fun in my life...."

My daughter Sophia (6 yrs old) is my little ray of sunshine and a blessing to myself and those around her, teaching us simple lessons EVERY day. I stopped by her school yesterday to bolus her for an unscheduled morning treat. I was talking with the ladies in the office who take care of Sophia's needs and we were discussing the LOW she had last week during their "100 day" celebration. There were LOTS of treats that day as well as activity. So, between guessing carb counts on cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, etc... and all the physical activity, Sophia found herself at a 41 (which she felt and alerted the staff!!). It took a while for her bg to come back up and she missed some activities. Her teacher stopped in to the office to see her and said "Sophia, I know you have missed some fun activities so I want you to know we are going to do them again this afternoon when you come back to class". Sophia replied "That's okay. I have enough fun in my life it's okay if I miss out on a little bit". I love that little stinker and I hope she carries this outlook with her for her ENTIRE life!!!!

I am going to print that out and put it on my white board in my office.

That little girl is smarter than the rest of us.

You need to put that on a tee shirt!

Wow incredibly sweet.

Oh my goodness, what a great kid!

There is another very funny side to Sophia's little saying in when my boss comes in my office and asks me to go to a meeting. I can smile and tell him: "That's okay. I have enough fun in my life it's okay if I miss out on a little bit".


Aaaww, what a wise angel!

She is wise and smart far beyond her years: Expect Great things and a formidable future for Sophie.

God bless,

What a great attitude! this made me smile on a dark day,( we all have colds, jacobs bs's rising) hope that bright spriit of hers keeps on shining hugs to you both! amy

Thanks everyone. It floors me some of the stuff she comes up with and she says it just "matter of fact" :) Love her!