I have located my own personal hell

It is the intersection between business and technology in a large medical system. I don’t know how I ended up here. I didn’t mean to. I wonder if people smarter and more experienced than I, meant for me to be here. I wonder if they are trying to teach me something unpleasant about the world. They did.

Here’s my relationship with the medical system and healthcare, to the best that I understand it. I get frustrated. I can step into that fire for a period of time in order to fix this or understand that, but then I need to step back. I do the same with blood sugar management. I hit it real hard, do a ton of data collection, and stabilize system behavior so that I can float for 2 months on that sprint of labor that set everything up for success.

Flu has been a long sprint, somewhat arduous in nature. 2nd shot today. I want to step back and put separation between me and healthcare concerns. Its almost a psychological imperative. I find the things that people say, deeply troubling. I don’t want to be troubled about healthcare like that now. I’m not up to it. Healthcare culture is so deeply troubled.


O Mohe, I’m so sorry for all the troubles you are going through right now. And being diabetic doesn’t help, I know. Thoughts and prayers are with you.


Its not that bad, Brad. Especially considering what you all have been through. Medical people just aren’t for me. You know how they are. Its hard to find a good group of people.


Could certainly be worse…meanwhile, some miles away…

Were are all still under curfew. Go figure. As soon as I’m vaccinated, I get locked down for another reason. What are the odds of that?

I hate the medical field. I hate people. I hate all things. I must be free of this house. Sanity slipping. Its now been 14 months in here. I never would have believed that I could remain on house arrest this long. I hate the world. I hate all things. I am a monster.

I simply don’t know how you all are hanging in there.

You should watch the show 60 days in. It’s fascinating. Regular people going to jail to give reviews of how jails are run and how the prisoners get drugs etc etc.

It’s a whole new world. And you can relate being cooped up.
I still work and I have worked straight thru this thing, so I’ve been lucky

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My daughter lives in Battle Creek, MI and I hear Governor Witmer (?sp) is thinking about shutting things down again. As if it isn’t bad enough up there! Yuck! She’s in a motel right now with her, her husband, toddler and a newborn due in June. Now that’s close quarters!

Oh my gosh, is that because of the covid? People keep saying MI is in trouble. Canada even worse.

@Timothy, I’ll check it out

I went out. I did everything. I declare this the end of all restrictions. I am physically exhausted from ‘doing things.’ Best day ever.

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Awesome! Doesn’t it feel good to get out? We live right next to Jefferson County which does NOT have a mask mandate because it’s more rural. It is up to each business weather or not to ask for masks or not. I hear that some restaurants don’t require it at all! I’m so glad that my wife and I got our 2 Moderna shots. My 18 year old gets his first one on Tuesday.

Yes, it was fantastic. That’s wonderful, Brad. MO is keeping pace with MN.
We’ve been told that its fine to hang out with other people who are vaccinated. In one more week, when its fully effective, I’ll go to the laundry mat. That will be life changing.

I can so deeply relate to what you are saying here. I have the same patterns. I have been dragging my feet about getting on the CGM because… the healthcare system is terrible… my diabetes educator doesn’t seem to have the ability to listen or answer my questions or maybe that’s not their purpose… its like a weird interview that she takes notes on and then she answers my questions by talking in circles with not useful … ugh…

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Hehehehe. That’s it, for sure.

We can answer your CGM questions, @LeeAnneL. Just ask us. :wink:

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We had an ad hoc group that did a competition at this hospital system to make something. Our mentor from the hospital system stole all the prize winnings from our group of students. It was once my dream to work for these guys. I will never work for them after this.

Ah ha. I have found where actual work is taking place in medicine. Its super refreshing. I hope I’m not wrong but I get the sense that there are some honest folk making a real effort to do valuable things. They are around and I bump into them sometimes. They are tough to find. They tend to be people that no one knows exists - like sleeper cells. Someone who knows needs to tell you where they are.

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