I have no clue what to call this... :)

Anywho sitting at work just finished a cup of coffee and figured i’d just start rambling as I usually do. The weather is warming up way up here in the bush and I’m really getting anxious to start making my rounds on the golf course. I am thinking about ordering the new Taylormade R9 driver this year before the season starts but i know that it will make it even worse and i’ll probably end up hitting golf balls in the snow. Anyway things are going as well as it can be… still nothing new about the job however i’ll be fine financially and who knows… perhaps i’ll kill it on the course at the amateurs and you’ll see alot more of me, haha. Anyway that’s pretty much my ramblings for now

Where I’m from (Yukon), we call that “Cabin Fever”. We use a cures such as “Sourdough Rendezvous Festival”, vacations in sunny climes, kitchen parties, and other such remedies :slight_smile: .

Maureen , that’s a " cute " response …my hubby uses the words " cabin fever " …the word cabin fever has not entered my vocabulary yet …but then I am from a big city in the Netherlands