I have OCD and I'm not ashamed to admit it!

It’s funny, the other day I admitted something on Twitter that I swore I’d never tell anyone else except my close friends - well - now here comes another hidden secret about myself. I was told by my endo that he feels I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) - this is after I “freaked” out about having high blood sugars that last week while on the pump, and now I was needing his advise since I’ve gone back to MDI (multiple doseage injections) for bit of a break (and also going back to my grass roots of diabetic management so to speak). Anyway, the result of this visit might be of some interest to those of you who at times have to battle with your doctors to make them understand our diabetes better, even when they are the expert that you are going to see to get some advise (now there’s another can of worms - but you will have to click on the link below to ready why I say this).

Here’s a little opening line …

Last week I had to make an emergency visit to my endocrinologist
(Dr. S) to ask him for some advise on how to go about fixing my BG’s (blood sugars) that seemed to have been out of whack for the past week. The end result was that I had two days of BG’s in >20 mmol/l (360 mg/dl) range. I haven’t registered that high since I ate a chocolate cake meant to serve up a crowed of 60. Only kidding, though it would be a dream of mine if I had a functioning pancreas to have my face smeared with lots of chocolate icing … SNAP OUT OF IT ANNA. So, I lucked in on seeing Dr. S 3 days after pulling the plug on Salvador (my Animas 2020 insulin pump) – otherwise I’d have been waiting until July 12th to see my GP (that’s a whole other saga – lovely Canadian health system we have).

To read the rest of my blog - you can go to this link (or paste the link separately in a new window - whatever works best for you - http://www.diabetes1.org/blogs/Annas_Blog/I_have_OCD_and_Im_not_ashamed_to_admit_it)