I join the fellowship of parents of kids with D

I just want to share the lovely story of what happened to me this week while I was with my kids at the fair. We were all starting to droop, and I thought a diet soda would be just the thing to perk us up. I went to the first food booth, but they weren’t selling sodas in bottles, which I wanted for portability. (Plus, they always fill the cup totally with ice and there’s hardly any soda in it.) So I went to the second booth. He had Gatorade in bottles, so I felt hopeful, but no. No sodas in bottles. The Gatorade was right by the ordering window so I quickly checked the carbs and said, “No, that’s too many.” My mouth dropped open (I think literally) when he asked, “Do you have a child with diabete?.” I said yes, and he told me that he did too. We exchanged a few pleasantries. Then, he suggested dumping out the Gatorade and filling the bottle with diet soda. Even as I was saying, “How nice, but that seems rather wasteful,” he was dumping. When I tried to pay, I only had cash, not tokens (none of the food booths take money, as it turns out), and he politely refused payment. I was so stunned and grateful at his considerateness. I really felt like I had joined the fellowship of parents with D kids. I feel great thinking back on the moment even now.

Awesome story!

great idea, too!

Great story! I love to hear the good stories.

That’s so sweet! (No pun intended)

That is an awesome story. It is a fellowship we have, and total strangers become family.

It takes so little to make a person feel so not alone in this. I had a parent in my son’s class call me just before valentines day party to figure out what they could give him instead of a piece of candy with his valentine. It gave me a lift for the whole day.

One of my daughter’s friends gave her some candy for Valentine’s Day - and put the nutritional label in her bag too. I was SO impressed.