I just can't get warm

My thyroid is on the fritz, I guess. Or maybe I’m getting sick. The last few days – today especially – I just can’t get warm.

Are you tired? Been working more than usual? When I am tired I seem to have the same problem.

I’m looking for work and that is emotionally exhausting. I’ve had several job interviews this week – which is great – but afterwards I’ve been trembling and cold. Stress, I guess. I’m not sleeping well, either. I wake up after two or three hours of sleep and can’t go back to sleep. More stress. I wish I had a great, big warm (but not too hot) Jacuzzi tub where I could just bubble and soak until I get the ice out of my bones. I get in bed – even if I’m bundled up in sweat pants, a sweat shirt and double socks, and just tremble for :30 minutes until I finally fall asleep. Not good.

I have been very cold lately too… especially my hands and toes. Right now I have on gloves and a blanket around my shoulders.

Maybe there’s a “cold bug” going around?

I get so cold it is like ice water through my veins and just shake and shiver…I have a electric blanket now…OOOOO Heaven!!

I slept most of yesterday (15 hours?) and I felt a bit better this morning, but I’m starting to get that ice in the veins feeling again. Yikes. I hope this is just me fighting off a cold.