I just can't say it enough, thank you TuD

Woke up this morning feeling a little blue even though I have a great day planned and so much to be grateful for. Poured myself a cup of joe and jumped on TuD to catch up with discussions and blogs from the past few days. I laughed out loud, I cried “me too!” I’m going now to have a truly great day, no longer feeling alone and blue, and its all because of all of you.

Well Gina, it is good to know that this site can blow away your blues:) its a wonderful place to come visit:)

I do hope your day is wonderful:)

This place is great for such feelings huh Gina? Thanks to the help of TuD I got my A1C down last month! TuD is just a GREAT site for all of us to come to! We get to laugh, cry, and associate with those feelings all the time here. ALWAYS REMEMBER HERE YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! I LOVE this site for making me feel whole again and seeing I wasn’t alone! After YEARS of feeling totally alone I found this site where I found other’s talking about what I had kept down for so long. WONDERFUL SITE is all I can say!!!

My Sanity…TuD. Well, and just LOVE all the members/friends.

The people who come here daily or almost so, feel like you do. I love having friends here who know how I feel, b/c they feel the same way too. I am sorry there wasn’t a site like Tu sooner.