I just got out of the hospital

I’m not new to diabetes I’ve had it for years but I was homeless with 3 kids for a very long time even though I worked so I didn’t take my insulin because I fell between the cracks and there is really no help for the homeless even with a job. We lived in a motel and a few times in a friends home for short stays. I have recently managed to find someone to take me a my word and we are now living in a nice home but I was recently as of yesterday in the hospital and found out a few things about my diabetes…I never got my medicine most of the time I’ve been diabetic. My AC1 test was a 13.5 and my kidneys are starting to fail also I knew I was having eye problems but now I have retinopothy (sp) and neuropothy(sp).He’s placed me on insulin that cost over 100. Along with a ACE inhibitor that is going to run 25. I can’t afford all this and go to the doctor. I’m trying again for medical assistance but I’m always turned down because I always work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet because ex-hubby pays no support and doesn’t have too…he collects SSI and never worked so I can’t get anything. I am desperate for help is there anything out there to try and help because the doctor at the hospital told me I can’t play with this anymore…I don’t know what to do wait until I’m one foot in the grave to get help…I’m like the commercial I’m one of the seven who can’t get insurance because I work at Mom and Pop places who can’t help with insurance and the things I’ve tried to look into are WAY too expensive. I’m terrified we’re going to be homeless again because the kids have no one to turn to. Just some info on what to do because everytime I go to Social Services they can’t help I make x amount too much I’m not even sure if this is the right place for this if not I’m terribly sorry I just don’t know where to turn to. Thanks…

I feel your pain somewhat.When my husband was unemployed went for assistance for my meds.They made us bring bank receipts from everyone in the family.My 2 sons were 12 and 13.They wanted us to use the money they had gotten for birthdays and Christmas.We put their money in accounts.They basically said we had to drain all our assets in order to get some help.Now I see why people who are in the system of welfare are there.Good Luck!

Check out the various drug companies. A lot of them have prescription programs for people who have no insurance. Also want insulin did he put you on. I actually have some insulin here that has never been opened and is still good that I no longer take as well as a lot of spare syringes.

I have absolutely no idea if anything on this link can help:


I truly wish I had a better suggestion for you, but until cost effective health insurance is provided to the people in this country who want to work instead of leech off the system, I think bad things will continue to happen to great people.

Bonnie, I hope anyone with a good suggestion for you will reply, and I hope you can get the help you defiinitely need.


Hi Boonie,
I’m at a loss of words for your situation. I say this because I’ve experienced the same issue back in 2000. It was real bad.

May I suggest that you contact the churches in your area, as well as, The Salvation Army. I’m not sure how they can help but I’m pretty sure they can point you in some direction. Also, check out the forum discussion Uninsured + Diabetic = Catastrophe? posted here in tudiabetes. I believe you may find additional answers.

Good luck to you and your children. Let us know how you are making out.

did you ask your dr for samples of insulin? Also, my brother works in Social Services at a hospital and has told me many stories about diabetcs coming in with really High Blood Sugars and get a shot of insulin and then get to take the insulin with them. He said they are habitual ER visitors, coming about once ever 6-8 weeks, but it is really the only way they can get insulin due to their financial situation.

Best of luck to you.

Thank you all for the suggestions…Cody I was using Lilly nph and regular but the doctor at the hospital has said I need a faster and better working insulin so he put me on Novolog 70/30 twice a day and he snuck me out some syringes enough to last until Friday when I have my appt… Leslieanne I was up half the night on the computer and have looked into Novonordisk and I need the Dr to fill out a portion of the request so I’m going to get a copy of the app and take it to the Dr Friday so thanks for the info it. Mollie I called the Dr to make an appt. and they told me that they care for a lot of diabetics that are in my situation and usually the reps will plead the case to the companies to allow so much to be left at the clinics. I want to express my thanks to all the generous offers and the advice. If this site would have been up and running when I first became homeless maybe I wouldn’t be facing so many problems. It’s great to know that there is so many people on here that have big hearts I will keep you informed on this I also forgot to add my bs was 400 OMG!! I was at the hospital forever. Thanking you again for all you well wishes I hope to get back on track.

There’s a member in this site that works with people without insurance, Cody I remembered you left a comment on her blog, do you remember who that was. maybe she could help.

Sorry I haven’t replied just got back from the hospital again. I went to the clinic that takes partial payments 40 now 40 later or more if a lot of things have to be done. Before I got to my appt. my bs was running high and I told them I hadn’t eaten much (I’m keeping a food diary for them) it was running 352 when I got up and I went over there before lunch.So they tested it and it came back 457 with little breakfast (toast) so it was back to the ER and more iv antibiotics overnight. Now I go back Fri. Leslieann I’m going to try that site when I get of here. I’m really thankful for all your help. I just need to get rid of this cellulitis ugh…Nasty bug and even nastier medicine. They had me on vencomyicin burned my veins like salt water…I sometimes wonder if the doctors got their diplomas at a sadomasochist university…oh well bs is still running high.

Hi Bonnie,
Just a thought just ask u’r doctor if he knows of any research groups for diabetics, when i first went to the er they told me there was one here in my area and that i could get all my meds and supplies free just for being in the group. I ended up in the hospital the next day for a week with ketoacidoses and ended up on medicaid cus it is uncontrolled plus some other problems along with a 50,000$ hospital bill i couldn’t pay. so check out the research groups in u’r area they may be able to help.
Good luck and i hope u find one to help.

Thanks Karen I haven’t checked into that I have an appt with a social worker Fri so I will ask since she’s through the hospital. I’m glad to have found this website since I was just looking into diabetic eye problems and found this site then and then turned around 3 weeks later in desperate need of advice and the people on here have given me several different sites and different ways to try and get my diabetes help. This is the most informative sites I have run into. It has given me hope that I might get a handle on this condition. I truly thank all the help I get here. And thank all the good people on here.