I Keep Going

All this summer has been full of pain. I try to do my best to keep up with everything, but it is hard when I am always hurting. I have so many chronic illnesses that I hesitate to even make a list of them because it might scare me! I spend a lot of time in the hospital, in the ER and at the doctors but nothing seems to help.
I do try as hard as I can to keep moving. I have a garden, pets and I go swimming every day. It seems like the heat never lets up, so it is nice to feel the cool water and to feel the hot sun on my sore bones. I wish my insides would behave as nicely as the rest of me.
Here are my tomatoes:![|507x480](upload://bFsm8q40dZFL01RCM701yT64uL8.jpeg)
Here is my walking partner:

It is hard not to be thankful with these two things to keep me going.

Elleb you are always in my prayers. It seems be both have troubles. I a, an expert now in the wheelchaiir but want to get out of it soon. Your gardeb looks lovely.You do so many things it is a shame you are hurting so much. One day I will learn how to type. I see a few errors. Take good care of yourself. HUGS,Reed

My heart is with you, dear one......

Hi Ellen, I admire your determination to keep going without the cooperation of your insides! We just planted our two Rosemarys. Thinking of you and yours, Ammi and Zen.

You are a strong woman and a dear friend to many.
Much love and healing in the days to come.

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming" :D It is when we stop doing those things we love and can do that we must start to truly worry. I understand your struggle, you are not alone. I wish I could magically make us all safe, happy, and healthy again.

Ellen, I want some of your tomatoes. No not really, I always say that, because I love tomatoes, but you know if you want to send some to (oh never mind). I am glad you are out and about, being out and about is one of the best ways to get better. Thanks for the lovely blog and about those tomatoes.........rick

I must say that another thing that keeps me happy and keeps me trying in spite of everything are the wonderful friends that I have made here. I know a lot of you have difficulties. We need just to remember to keep putting one foot in front of the other and remember that life is a gift. Thanks everyone for caring. I care back 100 percent and more!