I knew better, had to try it N-E-Way

Yesterday my family and I went on a trip to Tom’s Farm (farmers market). We had a ball, Quyncee (Step-Daughter) and Devonte (little brother) wanted to go into the candy store. We walked in and to the right there was the “Sugar Free” section. My Scott (husband) was excited for me. He encouraged me to buy a small bag of the candy; I knew I shouldn’t have but I did it n-e-way. I already know everything that says “Sugar Free” has some type of sugar sweetner in it, may have a lot of carbs. etc. but I did it N-E-way. I went home had a few pieces of the cinnoman bears, checked my bg’s 2 hrs later 90. I decided to have a few more pieces before bed. My fasting BG’s were through the roof 144, shame on me! I had to try it! I am going down stairs to trash it this morning! I knew better, that’s what I get for trying it N-E-way.


Lesson learned: I knew better, I should have followed my first mind.

yep,and Iamone of those people who is truely better off with real sugar than the fake stuff,the highs are lower.

I have wonderd if they would raise me during a low–but determined that is NOT a time to try it and see…

crazy thing this human body with diabetes is sometimes

If it makes you feel any better, today I convinced myself that I needed to eat a piece of cake that my husband made (because I was “going to go low”). I probably needed to eat 10 g of carb, not 50g.

Result: blood sugar a couple hours later: 303.

All this hard work and one stupid decision throws is all off.
We can’t be perfect, but I would sure like to be closer than I am!!!

Denise- I think you are right! if I would of had 3 piece’s of hard sugar candy, I don’t think it would have hurt me as much…I think it is amazing. I wouldn’t try the sugar free stuff for a low…I think it takes to long to enter the blood stream…

Kristin- OMG! Girl that’s high! lol, I hope the cake was good:) I know we can’t be perfect but like you said I would like to be a lot closer than I am.

LOL I don’t care for candy either…just had to try it! Homemade cake??? Do u have a recipe?

There is a great cake that was posted by Beth, a TuDiabetes member (http://tudiabetes.com/profile/bellinghamster). If you like dark chocolate, you will love it. It’s a little expensive (cause dark chocolate is so expensive), but a big piece of cake has 10g!!! Try it:

or, Diabetic Miracle Dessert Surprise!


9 ounces of dark chocolate (Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate. Comes in bars, usually in the dessert or baking aisle. 9 ounces is 2.25 bars.)
1/2 cup butter
6 eggs (these get separated, etc, so read through the recipe before making)
1/4 cup superfine or baker’s sugar

2 cups whipping cream
2 tablespoons sugar or equivalent substitute
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. Melt the chocolate in a microwave. When it is beginning to melt, add the stick of butter and melt until completely melted.
  2. Get out two bowls for the eggs. In one bowl, put two whole eggs, and four egg yolks. In another bowl, put four egg whites. Make sure there is no yolk in the whites bowl, or it will not beat properly.
  3. Beat the egg whites with an electric mixer on high. Add the sugar after a minute or so, and continue beating until the egg whites form dairy-queen-ice-cream like peaks when you insert and remove a spoon.
  4. Stir the chocolate / butter into the egg yolks bowl.
  5. Add a glob of egg whites to the chocolate / butter / egg yolk bowl, and mix it up.
  6. Fold in the rest of the egg whites carefully, until well mixed.
  7. Pour into a greased 12″ round pan or a square casserole or something of similar volume, and bake at 350 degrees for 30 + minutes. The cake is done when you jiggle the pan and the center does not jiggle. The top will be cracked, and the cake will have risen a bunch. It will mostly fall again when you take it out of the oven.

Whip the cream, add the sugar and vanilla and serve big, fluffy heaps of cake (it’s easiest to scoop it out, rather than worry about slices) topped with cool vanilla whipped cream.

YUM. Seriously."

ummmm!! I am going to have to try that out this summer:) I am not much of a baker but I want to bake every once in awhile! My little one loves to help in the kitchen!

Great, I hope that you will like this cake as much as I did! It actually came out with the texture of a cake, even without flour-- I was amazed!

Two points:
(1) I beat the egg whites for about 10 minutes i think. It seemed to take forever but I think that it was important to beat them for that long.
(2) refrigerate it after you cook in it. Ours went bad on the counter (thankfully we had eaten most of it!).

Happy baking!

I have that choc cake recipe! It’s pretty good, though mine came out very goopy and with a big ditch in the middle (According to the notes in my recipe that’s normal, and a good reason to make it a dessert with a splodge of cream & grated chocolate over the ditch). It’s yum… Though still raises my BGs of course - anything does in the end - it’s a gentler rise and great for when I need a pig-out :smiley:

Don’t kick yourself over the sweets - we all do stuff like that, we all have to learn the hard way sometimes and be reminded that we’re not perfect. I do agree that a few small full-sugar treats are generally better, and because you know they’re evil, it could be easier to stop at just one or two or at least spread them out slowly over many hours so the effect isn’t so bad.

I know I shouldn’t beat myself up but I think that “We” all do it, I think we are conditioned to be upset when something isn’t right…LOL bg’s to darn high because of something “we” can control.