I know how this happened....but how did I let this happen!

Hi everyone,
So on my 53rd birthday I get a call from my M.D. confirming that I have “uncontrolled diabetes”. Yeah, I knew I had hypertension, well-controlled with 1 pill a day. I also have high cholesterol but taking Vytorin at night it was at 200, etc, etc, etc. Yes, I also know since my divorce in 2002 I have gained 50 pounds…OKAY, I should have been taking better care of myself! I have always put my 2 teenage daughters first and I work full time…SOUNDS LIKE A COP OUT doesn’t it! I am mad at myself and I will get a hold of my health as I HAVE TO NOW!

I’m angry at myself, sad, having trouble adjusting to the new meal plan, new medicine (Metformin 2 grams with dinner or 1 gram at lunch and 1 gram at dinner). Thank goodness I love to play tennis twice a week and now will try to work in treadmill twice a week. WHAT IS NEXT???

Hi Dot! It sounds like you are taking many steps towards a healthier life! Take it one step at a time and you will feel better too. Keep us posted on how you are doing!

I think we are allowed to be a little selfish once in a while, sometimes I have to make the family understand that if I dont take care of myself I cant take care of them. Its a balance we struggle with. I know I have to exercise and sometimes it feels like I cant make it out the door. Not because I am not motivated but because I feel like I should be spending the time with the family. But you have to get the time for yourself. Again, it is a balance that we work on every day.