I know I've been absent for a while

Life has been keeping me busy. I’ve been babysitting my friend’s nephew every week for starters. My mom is one of the 2009 Pink Together Breast Cancer Ambassadors, Jackie. Pink Together Facebook.

She's the beautiful lady with the short blond hair. Yep, that's me mum. So I've been giving her a lot of support. Also my best friend got married on Halloween and I was a bridesmaid. We spent many months beforehand painting masquerade masks for decorations and in depth planning. It was a very do-it-yourself wedding, which turned out beautifully I might add. Unfortunately I got sick afterward and am still recovering. Which I feel bad about because my hubby's friend came to visit for an entire week during the Halloween weekend so we didn't get to do much. I know it's not my fault, I didn't intentionally get sick but still I feel bad. We did get to see the new Christmas Carol movie and Men Who Stare At Goats, I wouldn't exactly classify that movie as a comedy, don't get me wrong it was really good, it was more of drama/comedy/mock-documentary. A Christmas Carol I thought was great as well but I also thought it was very twisted for a movie for children, if it was even intended for young children, I just know it got a lot of hype on the Disney channel. Still I thought it was done very well and Jim Carrey was great. I'm a fan of Jim Carrey so that might be biased.

We’re booked to go on another cruise with my family as a third (belated) anniversary trip in September. Royal Caribbean built a brand new ship that is bigger than any cruise ship right now and is just incredible. It’s called theOasis of the Seas. I can hardly wait, this ship is massive and full of so many things to do that you really don’t need to leave the ship when in port but we will because we want to see the sights, lol. We’re also starting a personal savings fund for fertility treatment because we also want to start a family soon and well, it’s not happening the natural way, my full body radiation and chemotherapy treatment took care of that, heh.

So a lot has been going on, I may be having surgery in a few months, not for anything serious, just personal matters really. I’m dying, not literally of course, for some new ink, lol. Also, I have a very high interest in becoming a tattoo artist myself for some reason and I’ve been drawing a lot actually. I also submitted one of my stories to a couple publishers but I haven’t heard anything back. I’ve also taken up making jewelry and seriously I need some inquires for those pump/cell phone/ipod cases, lol. Alright I’ve written enough. I can’t say I’ll be back around much, not yet anyway, just so much going on right now but I haven’t forgotten about all of you!