I learned something new yesterday

Open the container of glucose tablets before you need them. I was at a bus stop when I felt a low coming on. I couldn't get the plastic off the bottle and was getting frustrated. I finally used my nail file to get it off but from now on I open a new one before I need it.

I can relate. When I buy tabs, the first thing I do is take the plastic off. In spite of that, sometimes when I am low, I can't get the darn tablets out of the bottle.


Hah! One time I was caught low while shopping downtown and had used up my last tabs that morning. I went into Target and bought a small shrink wrapped box of Jelly Bellys and could not get the plastic off the box. I fumbled and then tried stabbing it with my keys. Then I started to gnaw at the box but it wouldn't budge. Finally I had to ask this boy with a safety pin in his eyebrow to help me and he was very nice. The next day I got a tiny Swiss Army knife for my purse (which has come in handy for many other non db related situations.
I really like to use Starburst too - but those tiny wrappers are also frustrating when you're low.

I just posted a thread on this subject two days ago!

This is dangerous! The packaging for the treatment for hypos should be easy to open by people having hypos. Hello?!?

I'm glad you're OK. Your solution is exactly what I do: open them immediately when I purchase them so they're ready to go for the next hypo.


Sorry I missed your thread. Thanks for the link. You are so right. The manufacturers should think about the packaging on these types of products.

Johanna Burton -- I'm just glad you're OK. It's so scary to be shaking and sweating, know you're going hypo, and not being able to get to the sugar! The next time I'm in a coffee shop I'm going to ask them to let me buy ten or twelve sugar packets. We don't need much, but when we need it, we NEED it.

I know what you mean everytime I open a bottle I wonder what were they thinking about when they produced this product. When we're having a low we need things to be more excessable. I once had to call a large chain pharmacy who had their brnd glucose tabs that were so hard to melt or chew, not like the Dex 4. I told them we need something fast when we're having a low. You should write or phone the company and let them know the problem you had.

Good idea. I'm big on letter writing manufacturers but this time it hadn't occurred to me.

I too carry a small penknife, suprising how many times it has come in useful. I mostly use it to lever open the tops of drink bottles, water has never seemed so far away when I have a bottle in my hand and no penknife to help me open the cap!

I am beginning to think I'll have to get me one to carry in my purse. I could have used one the other day.