I loathe diabetes today

I curse diabetes. I curse it to hell. I would murderously fight it to the death. If I could get my hands around its scrawny neck, I would tear it limb from limb and throw it into a barrow pit.


I feel the same way, as just 2 days ago, it kicked me in the head, knocked me down on the pavement,and held me down by the neck with his foot and laughed at me while I made things worse with indecision, bad decisions, followed by guilt and #WhyAmISoStupid

I was redeemed later in the day by an unexpected email from one of my very first friends here on TuD.

hang in there…I’ll be right next to you in line when we get our hands on his scrawny neck…meanwhile, look for one thing of beauty to focus on

sending you some positive thoughts :blue_heart:


I like your rant about diabetes because it makes diabetes a separate entity. We too often see diabetes as so much a part of who we are that we mistakenly take undue responsibility for the ugly things diabetes does to us. We need to remind ourselves that we can’t fully control the dastardly diabetes. It is a separate and nasty parasite that we did not invite into our lives.


One of my closest friends called today and shared her plans to go to a Uganda orphanage to live with her husband. He will help build a health clinic and she will give massage therapy to the 200+ orphans. There are millions of orphans living on the streets, All they want is a safe home and to learn in school. It humbled me that we have it so good. They have never had medical services nor even a home. I have been thinking about this all day since I talked to her. I hope one day to go volunteer somewhere like this. I wonder if insulin dependent people can go there due to restrictions on refrigeration of insulin and potential situations of not being able to get medicine delivered. I hope this story helps you as it did me, to realize us diabetics have life SO GREAT compared to billions of other humans on our planet! :smile:

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JUST today? Diabetes is the drunken uncle who never leaves and is infinitely erratic. Now who does THAT remind me of?


Dear Yoga62, I think you shouldn’t worry about insulin deterioration (as much) due to no refrigeration. I never refrigerate my insulin and haven’t my whole life. In a warm climate, I would expect more rapid deterioration, so if you are storing it for a long period of time, you might bury it in the ground where it is cooler (inside a water proof box). But, we use so much of it that I bet you use up a bottle before it goes bad.I would recommending bringing several months of supplies with. Perhaps enough to last you if you had to walk for a number of weeks to get to a supplier (in the worst case scenario).

Get this! I had a normoglycemic pass out at my feet on the train the other day. So, I was reminded that unforeseen events are not unique to us (although we might see more of them). I gave him a granola bar and he perked right up after a half hour. Go figure.

I feel the same way. I am so SICK of this. Diabetes has been kicking my a$$ recently. I told my mom, if for some reason I didnt need my insulin pump anymore and no one else did, i would take it to the middle of some desolate parking lot… throw it,light it on fire,and sledge hammer it to pieces in a fabulous 17 year pent up rage of dealing with this ■■■■. Lol! Unrealistic of course… but a nice thought.