I lost my DexCom 7 in the covers


This is morning, I woke up at 5:27am and couldn’t find my DexCom 7. I guess I was wild in bed because the covers were wrapped around me like burrito. I got them undone and I panic because I couldn’t find my DexCom 7. It was in between the covers all wraped up… It was like that about 30 min… so No readings… I need to be more careful when I’m asleep… yeah right… Other than that… Things are going good for me with the DexCom 7… No problems… I did 45 min. of exercise with it last night… Plus I did 5min of sit-ups… DexCom 7 readings were 176 to 146, before I went to bed…


Hey I have the Dexcome 7 too… I have found it helpful to clip it onto my Minimed tubbing so it all stays togather.