I Lost My Job

I just learned last Tuesday that I was being laid off from my job as a pastor. My heart is breaking, and I don’t have a clue what we’re going to do or where we’re going to go. They gave me a half-way decent severence package, which includes insurance through the end of September. My Insulin costs nearly 1300 dollars for a 90 day supply. What if I don’t have a job and insurance within 60 days? I have high blood pressure, an enlarged prostate, Hepatitis C, and sleep apnea. How in the world will I be able to pay for the medications I take? I am hurt and angry. I feel like I have been kicked to the curb by my friends.
I could apply a lot of other places, but I’m not even sure I want to be a pastor anymore. It is such a stressful job–rewarding–but extremely stressful. And a pastor is never off when you come home at the end of the day. My phone rings all the time, and I feel like I spend so much time putting out fires.
But what am I going to do with a BA in Theology? Maybe I can go back to school and get another degree in business. Or collect unemployment. Or file for disability. Or I don’t have a clue. What do you do when your trained to be a preacher and you get laid off?
When it rains it pours. I have been struggling for quite some time with diabetes–just so burned out–not wanting to do the deal anymore, and that’s just crazy on my part. But I have no motivation, and now this. Manny just sent me a book called “Diabetes Burnout” maybe that will help some, I don’t know. I’m in a terrible place right now. I’m angry, and sad, and depressed, and discouraged, and so very afraid of what happens next, terribly afraid of the unknown. I know, as a preacher I should have more faith, but preachers get discouraged too.
Anyway, I just needed to let off a little steam. Maybe someone will give me just exactly the right answer.
Peace Ya’ll,

Bobby, I agree with Jim :You have worked long and hard helping others. Now it is time to let others help you. And they will and HE will. Call every one and tell them that you need their attention,and intervention.Get your name on
EVERYBODIES prayer list ( you are on mine right now). Beleive in His provision and protecion.You are quite aware of the mustard seed faith and the mountain. No one expects you as a pastor to be perfect…Jim has given you a source for help. There will be sources and answers for help for your financial asnd housing needs as well . I know it is hard and traumatic for you. But this too, shall pass…

God Bless,

Bobby! I’m so sorry, my friend.

I agree that you should stock up on supplies while you have insurance. If you can, get a couple important check-ups in - endo, GP, etc. - because it’s possible you’ll need to go it on your own for a while AND some endos are great about giving insulin and syringe samples and such to get you through a rough spell. See if ipump.org can help with any infusion set supplies, if you’re still pumping. Look into generic insulin (Wal-Mart) and cheap syringes. Start taking meter companies up on their offers for free meters, which often come with 10-50 free strips (good back-up). As a pastor, you know that help is there if you’re brave enough to ask. Ask your doctor. I was between insurances one month and she cut her bill in half and scheduled all my lab work due for a later date. Also, search here for our discussions “Diabetes in a Rough Economy” and “Patient Assistance Resources.” You may also qualify for high risk pool insurance in your state. I did.

As for the next stage of your career, I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not a person of religious faith, but I do have faith that we make the best of bad situations through attitude and effort. I know you’re down and very worried about the future, but nevertheless, I encourage you to get out and do some volunteering. It will help you immensely to give back (when all you have to give is time and talent) and it will help put all your worries in perspective…and you never know, it might lead to something better. You might find you have an undiscovered gift that could translate into the next phase of your career.

I wish you luck, my friend.