I love my Omnipod

I am surprised by some o fthe threads and comments on here about the Omnipod. I am a type 1 “brittle” diabetic and had been on multiple injection therapy for many years, primarily because I had tried the MiniMed pump and HATED it. I found it big and bulky and I hated the tubing. My A1C’s were consistently running about 6.8 on the injections. When I heard about a wireless pump I got very excited and decided to try it. I absolutely love it. It has never fallen off and I have done cannon balls off the back of my boat wearing it and if anything, I find the adhesive ridiculously sticky. I am guessing they have improved it over the years. Even sweating out in the sun it never has come off. I love the built in BS meter and the way it automatically calculates your boluses. I also love how I can really follow my progress with all the stored results. It is also super intuitive. It lets you know when insulin is low and time to change it is coming and it talks to you saying things like “Are you going to eatr now?” I have also never had a problem with insulin delivery except for once when a pod malfunctioned for no apparent reason. Best of all, my blood sugar is in really tight control and I use less insulin. My last A1c was 6! So from my point of view, I highly recommend this pump.

Hi Mary, I just wanted to say thank you for writing this and we completely agree with you! We got the Omnipod for our daughter just after she turned 4 yrs old (after 2 yrs of MDIs) and it was an instant and wonderful life changer for her. we also find it to be extremely easy to use and have had extremely minimal problems with it.
So, thank you! In addition to all of the great info shared in this forum, it is nice to see a positive post! WE LOVE OUR OMNIPOD, TOO! :smiley:

That’s awesome Tonya! Your daughter was diagnosed very young. I was 12 when I was first diagnosed and the technology has come so far since then. I really cannot say enough good things about this pump and am glad you feel the same.

Sorry in advance for this rant…I think using the word, LOVE, is stretching it a bit or a lot a bit. An incredibly overused word. I hate everything about this disease including all the crap we have to do to “control” it. I will agree that this is an improvement over shots and tubing pumps. But never will I say I love a device that is, at best, a poor replacement for what the body does best. I truly hope that someday, a pill or surgical remedy is commonly and widely available so people don’t have to put up with devices such as this, that constantly need fine-tuning, based on the whim of diet, exercise, stress, sickness, age, pod peculiarities, insulin resistance and the like, and whatever else might interfere with normal control. I will never love the omnipod or minimed or whatever therapy is next invented. What I will love is when a “cure” is developed so we can live normal lives without all this extra wear and tear on our bodies creating a continual concern about blindness, heart failure, stroke, blah, blah, blah. I certainly do appreciate the technology that helps us better control diabetes but I will never love any of it. I am glad you are improving your control and I agree the omni has been beneficial for me too.

Yay! I’m glad you love your Omnipod too! I think mine is fantastic as well. I love how they stay on despite being very active and that bolus calculator is heaven sent. I haven’t had any failures at all actually :slight_smile: it’s been great for ballet and I actually just finished a run of shows where I got to wear it under my costume on stage.
Anyways, the thing I’m excited about is that those pods are getting smaller and that the dexcom is getting integrated! Don’t you just love technology? :slight_smile:

It’s definitely better than anything else available in the market today!

Clubkobe, if you think I “love” being a diabetic you are very wrong. Having been one since 1978 at the age of 12 I can tell you first hand about th challenges of controlling blood sugar, being a sick child and adolescent and complications. At 44 years old I suffer from gastroparesis and eye disease, because frankly, growing up the tools to control diabetes were not there like they are today. To put it clearly, this device has changed my life. I have not seen a blood sugar over 160 since said I have been on it and I average about 105. Prior to this, my sugars would swing wildly and I required a ton more Lantus on shots than I do now with just the fast acting Humalog. I am grateful that these tools exist and are helping me live a longer, healthier life and allowing me to completely control my complications. So, yes, I LOVE my Omnipod. Not because I love being a diabetic but because I believe it makes it so much easier to control it and like it or not, we do not have a cure yet, though like you, I pray for one some day. When I was a little girl, my Doctor used to smile at me and say " we will cure it in your lifetime" and I still hold on to that and believe we will get there. In the meantime, I am sorry you suffer with this terrible disease too, but you should embrace what this Omnipod is doing to help you. If we had been born 80 years ago, we would not be alive today so we have come leaps and bounds. Try to stay positive.

What I meant say is if we had been born 80 years ago, we would not have lived very long after being diagnoosed…

She was dxd at 23 months. Talk about a shock… wow. My husband and I are glad she was too young to remember anything that happened at the hospital, nor will she remember her life before diabetes (which is both good and heartbreaking at the same time.) After reading the reply from clubkobe, I just want to clarify that it is only the Omnipod we “love.” I hate everything about this disease and would give ANYTHING to remove it from my daughter’s life (and from the lives of countless friends and family members.) As a mom, I know that my daughter will pick up her attitude about T1 from me, so the best thing I can do for her is to be strong, and teach her how to deal with these cards she was dealt. Everybody has something they deal with, right?
When I feel negative and cynical, I remind myself that there are dedicated scientists and researchers working to find our cure, and how far things have progressed - just in the last decade!
I hope and pray that through all of their efforts, combined with the fundraising and advocacy of PWD… that cure will come. But until then, we love our Omnipod. :slight_smile:

My son uses less insulin now too! Loving the Omnipod too! :slight_smile: It is kinda the squeeky wheel syndrome… most people only come to complain! We should all toot the Omnipod horn! It is awesome!

Toot toot toot! Tee hee

I hate my diabetes with a passion as well.

I can’t say that I love my Omnipod either, but I do have tremendous appreciation for Insulet and the fact that they offer a product that helps me battle this horrible affliction with some measure of dignity. I love the Omnipod for what it is and what it can do for me as a diabetic. If I have to have diabetes, and if I choose to use a pump to help control diabetes, my choice, hands down, is the Omnipod.

Thank you for posting, I agree I am always shocked how Negative people are. I don’t like being a Diabetic but my outlook is very positive and I think I will live longer because I have this disease and it forces me to workout everyday, and eat much healthier than I would of normally and since Heart Disease is the #1 killer I plan on living longer because of my choices.

I think your attitude is 90% of handling a disease such as ours and I agree that the Omnipod is awesome! Better than taking 7 shots and having no control over my basal rate daily. I rarely get low these days, when I was on injections I would get dangerously low all the time.

Sure there will be improvements and of course it isn’t perfect, show me what is.

So far :wink:

My son’s been on the Omnipod for 11 months now and we are so happy with our choice. All the features that set it apart from the others are the features that fit us the best. Swimming with it. Not forced to wear it on his abdomen (never wanted his shots there either). Tubeless, of course. Built in BG meter. Large color screen. Very intuitive to use. Future integration with Dexcom, which we also can’t live without now. Hoping pumps get even more great features but the only one I would change on the Omnipod right now, that the others do, is calculate IOB for meals and not just for corrections. We can do it in our head but that negates the usefulness of the bolus calculator in some situations. We do get some pod failures, but other pumps get site issues and delivery problems so I think its even in that respect. Can’t wait for the smaller pods and the new PDM! :slight_smile:

New PDM? What is it going to have different? Do you know? I new about the new pods…but not the new pdms!

Don’t understand how to do links, just tried. Omnipod users group discusses it on page 3. Subject-http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/omnipodusers/forum/topics/new-pdmpod-info-from-q1-2011 :slight_smile: