I love the Omnipod...but there are things I miss about Minimed

I have been on the Omnipod for the last 3 weeks. Huge fan of it, I won’t be going back to a tube system again! There are, however, some things I really miss about the old Minimed that I wish that Omnipod could do…

  1. Why can’t I adjust my basal rates without suspending the pump? Especially if the basal rate is not the one I am in.
  2. Why do I have to use the Copilot if I want to know on a daily basis how much I have bolused in correction as a percentage of daily insulin given?
  3. I REALLY miss the daily average of total insulin given, avg blood sugar, correction percentage, avg carbs over how many days up to 31 I want to look at…without going to a PC.
  4. Why doesn’t the pod count any of the meal bolus as insulin on board when you are only 2 hours out postprandial? (It clearly assumes I am way better at counting carbs than I know I am. :slight_smile:
  5. Will someone stop the BEEPING!!! Ok, I know I have 4 hours until the Pod expires. The world will not end. STOP BEEPING. Especially when I was sleeping.

I still love the fact I can wear it on my arm, on my leg and not have something attached via tube.

I especially agree with #5. Is the beeping necessary? Isn’t the displayed pod expiration time on the PDM enough? Well, at least it’s enough for me.

For the love of god - #4 is really starting to grate on my nerves and I’m only on pod #2. Minimed sure did get that one right. I feel kind of like I’m bolusing in the dark now, because I know that the 140 reading I get 2 hours after eating is going to continue to go down, but my bolus wizard thinks I need to correct. WTF?

Dave, I would pee my pants if OmniPod would integrate first with DexCom and you would switch to it.

Thanks for being open-minded.

You are a good sport. Thanks for being an easy target.

I second that. Although I have to say, Dave, this freedom from tubing rocks. Mostly because I can wear dresses problem free, though. Not sure that would be on your pro list.