"I may have diabetes, but diabetes doesn't have me"


“I may have diabetes, but diabetes doesn’t have me”

There’s a new post on my blog, my most vulnerable post to date. But I’m sharing and showing my scars, and talking about invisible diseases and illness such as diabetes and gastroparesis.


Hi Chelsea – I visited your blog and I’m impressed with your attitude and honesty. Might I make a suggestion for posting topics like this here? Perhaps you could include a summary of your blog-post or even an introductory paragraph or two. Then include a link to your blog so that the reader can simply click and move over there to read your story. I thought your post topic title would do that but it’s not an active link to your blog.

Keep up the writing! It can be very therapeutic.

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I was looking for the “share your stories” and I couldn’t find it :frowning: that’s where I meant to post it… I’m really sorry if I’m posting in the wrong place. Thank you for the suggestion as well! I’ll definitely do that next time! Is there a way to delete where I posted it currently and then post it under the stories instead (if not I’ll just remember for next time)?? I assumed the link would work there as well, since it told me to put a title OR URL . Agh, , I love writing but unfortunately it appears I’m not very “tech savy”…haha, I’ll have to work on this!
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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I appreciate your willingness to share. That’s great stuff.

Shared sorrow is half sorrow, shared joy is double joy.

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I really don’t care whether you are tech savy or not. What matters to me is whether you are open an honest and you get gold honors in that. Above all we honor those that seek to make a connection with other and your story does just that. Thank you for posting.


I love that! So very true. Thank you.

I really appreciate that. That’s my number one goal. Thank you so much for reading!

I have gp. How does the interra pacemaker work for you? I heard a lot of mixed resuts. I don’t need it now but always curious how well it works.

I got it January of this year (actually New Year’s Eve… talk about new year, new me haha) and ever since April I’ve been able to eat salad and things I couldn’t eat before. I still can’t do broccoli or green beans (which I love so I hate that) but it’s definitely helped me a lot. I had got down to a very unhealthy weight and constant hospital visits so I didn’t have a choice and they told me it was this or a feeding tube. So far, so good! They’ve upped the voltage in it a couple times so far.

I still have to take my domperidone nausea meds from Canada though.

How do you manage yours? Do you take anything for it??

I manage with Domperidone, Mirtazapine and on bad days just by sure will:). Fortunately the good days outnumber the bad. Adding Mirtazapine a few years ago really helped. Glad the pacer is helping you.

What is mirtazapine? I could google it but I’d rather hear from you what it helps you with! I’ve never “met” or talked to anyone with gastroparesis before so I’m just interested in what it does for you, and if I should talk to my doctor about it, haha. Thanks :slight_smile:

Also, I really liked that you added “by sure will” on some days… because that’s so true!

I believe it is an anti-depressent, but we use it for some of the common side effects it has. A common side effect is it increase hunger therefore causes weight gain in a lot of people. I needed help with both and it worked good. It also (for me) is very helpful in relieving nausea. It was actually Mayo clinic that suggested I try that. I had pretty much ran through all the other treatment options.

Good attitude. I’m too old. Diabetes turned my life inside out and upside down at 57. It has definitely “had me” for a decade and probably will until I die…