I must

brag about my new A1C…


YAY! Lowest its been for a loooong time. And it came down from 10 just two months ago all thanks to the omnipod! Don’t know why I waited so long =) I’m so happy right now!!!

FANTABULOUS! Thats great!

All right!!! That’s what we’re talking about!!! Good job Sugarrbabie!! Keep it up!

You go GYRL! I am proud of you keep up the GREAT work!

Congratulations!!! Brag all you want!

NICE!!! Congrats.

Congrats!!! way to go!

That’s a Big drop. Way to be Sugarrbabie. Congrats!!

Congrats!!! YOU HAVE to brag about i: it’s a great drop!

Thank you all for your excitement and encouragement!!! It means so much =)

that’s quite an accomplishment! hooray!

Your triumph will inspire my diabetic children,wish if they follow your great steps

I’m so happy for you and celebrating with you! CONGRATS and blessings!

Yayy! I am happy for you! keep up the good work!

WTG…Party time…You get the bragging rights

you rock

As Tony the Tiger would say, " THAT’S GRRRREAT!!!" Congrats Keep up the good work.

Woo-hoo! That’s fantastic. 6.5 from 10 in just two months–congratulations!