I need a new job!

so here’s the thing. i need a new job. i need a job i can do from home, that i can do anytime, that pays ALOT!! right now i babysit for my daughter mon-fri, and i will be going back to work part time at the grocery store working evenings and weekends. but i need something else, but i’m not sure what…i want to be able to help people, but i don’t want to have to go back to school or leave my house!! i know, i know, i’m being ridiculous, but that’s what i want!! any suggestions??

lots of home based businesses… a friend of mine does a product called scentsy…if you want mor info I can hook you up with her and she can give you more info. From what I hear she is doing very well with it. There is always watkins or avon… the list is endless. You make as much as you put into it. If you dont want to leave your home, I am sure that you can arrange to have your client pick up their product or they can have it shipped directly to them.

Look after other children or old people in your own house.

i didn’t mean to sound like i won’t leave my house or anything, i just meant that i want to be able to do something from home, like perhaps proofreading, or something computer based that i can do on my own time even if it is deadline based…so like at 5am or 9pm…to add to my income. i will keep looking =)