I need a Punch in my face!

Hello my TuFriends, I know I have not been here a lot lately, since my busy life taking all my time!

What I need from you is to be bad for a second and give me your best punch to my face, the hardest it could be, since am not taking care of Mr. D!

For example: today morning I wake up 250 mg/dl eat cereal bowl (59 carb) after that eat 3 pieces of chocolate not 1 (around 17gm) and when I tested it was 310 mg/dl (and am sure it still going up)

Adding to that, I been naughty, eating what ever I want from sweets, donuts, pastries, pizza…you name it…and go into the guessing world…

So please give me your best shot and hit me with a wake up slap on my face

(PS: my face is soft I just shaved it this morning)!!

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ok bad start to the day but you will survive. take whatever measures you need to get control of those numbers and throw out the chocolate

How about a kiss on the cheek instead, Ahmad, to say you are worth taking better care of yourself. There are people in your life, I’m sure, who need you there and healthy much more than you need chocolate.

One suggestion I would make is to stop thinking about eating those things as “naughty”. That is a word that implies mischevous, kind of bad but cute at the same time. There is nothing cute to diabetes complications. It also implies those things are forbidden and therefore more desirable. Carbs and sugar are highly addictive, when you cut down on them you will no longer crave them. My guess is you look at “good” food as boring and tasteless. I, for one, love to cook and eat gourmet foods. That has not changed with my diagnosis. It does take a bit more effort to find things you truly love to eat that are also blood sugar friendly. Then you will think less of those other foods. I haven’t eaten sugar in 15 years and when I lived in Guatemala (where everyone loves their sugar) once or twice I forgot to say “sin azucar” (without sugar). When I took a sip of my drink I found it disgusting!

Hang in there, guy, and we’re glad to see you back!

Thanks for the punch I appreciate it :).

No kisses please... am a too shy guy!! prefer a punch!!! ya I grew up in a family that don't hug or kiss, just shake hands. However now I love to been hugged, which is hard to find for a 28 years old! Well my 3.5 years daughter she do lots of hugs to me!! I don't like Sugar at all in drinks (tea, coffee, juices...) but will not mind it in a cake or a chocolate format!

I will be fine thx for the support, I just need someone to punish me! I wish if I had a close friend that knows diabetes well who can do the punching thing for real…! Anyone interested?

pew pew pew

Welcome back … It’s a good thing that you know you need to take control. I know its hard as I am a chocoholic, so I treat myself now and then so I don’t feel deprived. Ahmad, you have the strongest incentive to keep you on track … your daughter. Look at her and you realize you want to be here for her. Eyesight intact so you can watch her grow up. She needs YOU, so you need to take care of yourself. We all fall off the sugar wagon but its time to get back on and start again. I’ll say a prayer for you that you find what you need to get thru this. Stay strong !!

Consider yourself punched. Slapped and kicked, too.


Here’s another punch.

Take THAT!

Thanks for the prayer and the lovely feelings, plus the great picture, I love cats.

Thank you my friend

Agree 100% since I do have Neuropathy and Retinopathy. Thank you Danny

LOL, you made me laugh for real, THX a PUNCH! I needed that.

Update for my caring punching friends, it is 170 mg/dl and am drinking a diet Pepsi with some peanuts. Lunch will be after an hour :slight_smile:

I am just going to “Smack” you upside the head!

Now, tomorrow is another chance to start all over and make better choices. You deserve to treat yourself better…so, do it! :wink:

Hey Al: :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t punch or “SMACK” People like Robyn does. =)

However, I could tie you up for a week and tease you with smaller portions of healthy, yummy foods but not give you any. By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll have lost some weight and you will be Very Happy to eat properly.

You have just been hypnotised. You will eat Healthy foods only.

Please behave AL. We don’t want anything Bad to happen to you.

I just noticed your last post. Good Man!!

Well do my best, thx for the Smak my friend

I like the idea, will pack my bags this week and next week I will be in Canada. Should I provide the ropes or will you! I need something like that to get on track back!

hmmmm I need my punch or Smack…how about a slap or a Kick?

Thx my friend

Oh no, we have lots of Special ropes here. Done this before.

Well, since you are American, I Really think a Fellow American should participate. Stop in at Robyn’s place first then, so she can Smack you again upside the head. :smiley:

Let me think, I live in the north central and Robyn she lives in Cali, so it is shorter to come to you!! lol

Or wait I know that there is many TuD people live in Cali, may be I can stop by each one and have a dozens of Smaks,punchs,slaps… at the end


Good thinking. They’ll have a Better chance of running away from you after kicking and punching you, since you’ll be so tired from jetlag. :slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to embarass you, Ahmad; I’m old enough to be your mom, so we’ll call it a motherly hug. I’m not the hitting type either, but agree that if it’s a wake up call you need your daughter’s face is the right one to look at!

Ugh…we’ve all been there at one point in time. Here is a thought. We are going to spend time on Mr. D on one end or another. We can spend time on it now and control it or we will spend time on it later and it controls us.

I’m banking that the upfront time I spend on it is more fun and a lot less expensive.

Make a few good choices in a row and it will be easier to get back on track. You are worth the time!!

I’d rather just give you a swift kick in the bum. I’ve had days like this, I try a little harder the next day.

Hang in there!