I need a replacement for PLUS by Adapt Heath app

I have been using this app to order supplies from Solara, and it is being dropped in January. It has been a pain in the Ar*e because it the servers go down regularly. The have a new app for ordering called myAPP. That’s fine.

What I used PLUS for everyday was to log BP, activities, carbs and medications. The first 3 are covered by other apps, no problem. It is medications and supplements that is the issue.

PLUS sets up for taking meds basically on meals, fasting, breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime. This is what I want. Last night I went through the arduous process of updating my phone to iOS 16.2 because Health app has a new med tracker.

It is not at all what I want. It, like several apps I have downloaded and deleted wants to track meds by times. That is not acceptable because those thing vary a bit, at least me.

I still wake up most mornings around 5AM, but not always. After leaving the bathroom, I take Synthyroid fasting, waiting 30 to 60 minutes before taking other meds just before breakfast. I really don’t want reminders, but to have a visible log of meds taken and the time.

Because I stayed up an hour later while my phone updated, I slept an hour later. I am retired and not on a rigid schedule although I tend to eat on fairly regular times, but not precise.

Maybe there’s nothing available, but maybe there is. I would prefer one that is native to my phone and not server/cloud based.

I think the Contour Next app is set up that way but I haven’t used it in a couple of years so may be misremembering. I use Onedrop but it records based on time so it wouldn’t match your requirements.

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Thanks @Firenza I downloaded the app and set up an account, but I couldn’t see where it had a medication log of any kind. I was hoping for something that would work on my phone. I can set up something on my MacBook using Excel.

I think after doing multiple searches with different wording I found an app that might do mostly what I want. It’s MedManage. It does have times, but at least can mark Before food, After food, Morning and Bedtime.