I need everyone's help regarding insulin? I just started and need guidance. PLEASE HELP

I was diagnosed as Type 2 and because I was thin my endo had doubts. I was put on metformin and did well on it but lost too much weight. My endo then did more tests and found out out that I was LADA, Type 1.5. They just started me on insulin and I’m a little concerned. They gave me Levemir 10units before breakfast. And then Novolog as below

Glucose: Insulin Dose:
under 100 0 units
100-150 2 units
151-200 4 units
201-250 6 units
251-300 8 units

I’m to test before my meal and take the above doses depending on my glucose number. Is this normal? I was at 128 for lunch so I did insulin of 2 units and had my lunch about 40-45g of carbs, my protein and veggies. I tested 1 hour after and I was 190 then 2 hours after and I was 160.

What’s going on? I’m a little concerned. I thought I could have tighter control. I just started the insulin today. How long does it take to have everything come together.

Please, please help.

First I would recommend reading Using Insulin by John Walsh. Second the way you were told to take your insulin in called a sliding scale. Maybe it will work to bring down your BG and maybe not. Most of us on insulin take what we call a correction bolus. It is based on how many units of insulin it takes to bring down your BG Xmg/dl. For example I take 1u for every 20mg/dl I need to bring my BG to a target number. But the big thing is even if you get your BG down to an acceptable level using a sliding scale, you are not covering the number of carbs you are eating so your post meal BG is going to be high. For example, I take 1u for every 10g of carbs that I eat in a meal or snack.

I hope I explained this in an understandable manner, Others I am sure will be able to help you. Seriously you really need to get Using Insulin. It explains everything and guides you through the whole process. It is like the D bible for diabetics.

Has your doctor mentioned anything to you about carbohydrate counting for the food you are eating?Many people who are type 1 or 1.5 use this rather than a sliding scale for the short-acting insulin…Ask for a referral to a dietician or Certified Diabetes educator so you can get more information about food intake and glucose levels.

You just started insulin today… It is going to take lot more tweaking of the dosages to get them just right , more days and maybe even more weeks…Remember, you are your own science experiment now, The doctor and other medical professionals can give you the materials and techniques to conduct the experiment, but it is up to us, as diabetics, to test, record the data and come to informed conclusions as result of our constant vigilence…

Yeah, it is a lot of work… but you can do it…Take small steps as you do your project… Just make sure you show up to the Science Fair, You wiill soon place or win your own blue medal of diabetes control!!!

God Bless,

I just read that you live outside the U.S. in Tokyo: Are you able to access the information and medical providers I listed in my comment, in Japan? If not the Using Insulin book by Walsh, noted by Sarelyn, will be a good start. Hope you had a great birthday.

God Bless,

it takes time. Everyone who needs insulin needs different amounts. And the kicker is that it will change over time. Some times I need more or less insulin. Let you Dr know, keep good logs. And you will figure out who much insulin you need to bring down a high and to take with your food. Right now it is better to be a bit on the high side as you learn, than to take way too much and possibly have a dangerous low.

I got you,elisa, confused with another young lady… So sorry it is not you but another tudiabetes poster who lives in tokyo, so sorr.Please forgive me.

God Bless


Insulin will definitely help you gain weight. You can get these strips from the pharmacy to test your urine to see how much sugar you are losing through it. Also, test AFTER you eat. I experienced the same weight Yo-yo. I went from 165 to 135 to 145 and my last checkup I was 138. Those are huge swing in the span of 2 years. If you are not absorbing the sugar into your body, see about taking less metformin. But as a 1.5 who has gone on and off and back on metformin, I would have to say that my A1C was much better while on metformin.