I need help for a good cause no money involved

I too like diabetes art So I am in the process of making my diabetic Christmas tree for our diabetic community center. I am use test strips bottles for the base and tree its self I want it life size to show the impact of diabetes in our lives. Now I have lots of test bottle I go through 8 bottles a month so I am going to need some help any and all empty test strips bottles to be painted green of course then I have friends who use omni pods and we are using them for decor. as well as some empty bottles will be turned into snow men and test strips with the blood since my infusion sets are pink we will figure out how to incorp them in for decor. ends cut off to make stars and pump tubing will be wrapped around since I have extra boxes. then the kids from our local chapter from NC are having all the kids make little cards with their pics and dx date and a little about them. I am hoping this will raise awareness on diabetes since all the supplies used with be from this yr it is 365 diabetes. if anyone else can think of what other creative ways to make ortaments. or any other ideas period would be great so if I can get the empty bottles that would be great!! or old pods your kid is done with let them decorate it. umm if you can help just message me on my page and I will give you info of where to send them. ohh I have to talk to manny to see if he wants pic of it when done and what not.

I just thought of all the meters I have laying around the house and thought I could hang then as ortaments

i will start saving them…when do you need them by?

before thanksgiving it is going up the day after thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see it when it is all said and done

Glad to send you my old test strip containers. I’ll start saving them.

Wonderful ideas!

thanks guys!