I need HELP


My husband has Type II and loves to run and is working toward running his first marathon. He is about to get the pump and is started to get very moody because he feels/thinks he has to give up running because of this and the fact he has diabetes. I grew up taking care of my grandma who had Type II and I know that he can live a very normal life if he would stop fighting this and move forward. I know that it has to be his choice and make these changes on his own.

CAN ANYONE out there help me and get him to realize he can keep running daily with or without the pump…ANY RUNNERS OUT THERE

please send me a note

Lorrie (bee killer)

We have a group here for athletic diabetics and also a group for extreme sports - please tell me if you’d like me to find more resources for you. There are many athletes here.

We also have a group for marathon runners! Many of them are on the insulin pump! You should encourage your husband to read these discussions… or even better, join the community :slight_smile:

If pumping will improve his blood sugar control, then it will also improve his running!!

Tell him to look here: Diabetes Exercise News & Organisation

I completed my first half marathon a month ago. I have Type 1, am 42 years old, and have been pumping for 6 yrs. My pump goes with me on every run, and clips to a fuel/hydration belt. Takes more work to run with diabetes, but runners aren’t afraid of a little work, right?

I don’t run… but I do gymnastics with a pump

would my input help you in any way?

THANK YOU so very much, I have told him of this site and passed on your comments and I think he might just spend a little time on here this weekend. He runs about 12-16 miles almost every day and I keep encouraging him but I think sometimes it helps to hear from other people who work as hard has he does. THANK YOU all again and please keep them coming. Lorrie