I need more spoons!

What a day! I swear I didn’t accomplish a thing. Oh wait… I made a big pot of turkey soup which turned out wonderfully. I’m stuffed. I however made a huge mistake.

My mom passed away September of this year. Two days ago I decided to clean out and sort the closet I had stuffed with my mom’s odds and ends ranging from yarns, embroidery threads and craft notions. Now that I have it out, I can’t figure out how I had that much cramed in there in the 1st place. It’s ALL OVER my livingroom! Obviously, it’s a more daunting project than I had planned on. Funny, I used to be really good at organizing.

Honestly, fibro-fog for me resembles a cross between ADD and senility. I get sidetracked so easily and tend to feel overwhelmed at what might be considered, normally fairly simple tasks. It doesn’t help that I often run out of “spoons” before I’ve completed what I had set out to do, leaving a task that should’ve taken only an hour or two into literally days to accomplish. Sigh… Yet, as frustrating as this is, in the big scheme of things, dealing with the many challenges of fibro and diabetes my life is actually good. Lonely sometimes but good nevertheless.

It’s late but a hot shower really sounds gooood. . G’night all:)

Low or high blood sugar doesn’t help either does it? Loaning you a couple of “cyber spoons”, hoping you can deal with it and get your living room back soon.

Thank you for your kind responses and yes, the cyber spoons are very welcome! Fortunately, I’m keeping my blood sugars fairly reguated even through all this. I’m on metformin and low carb is working for me, thank goodness. Yes, these are the 1st holidays without mom. The phone rang an how ago and I thought it was her calling…