I need strategies for walking the colf cours using MDI

I´ve recently started MDI (split Lantus at 7AM/10PM and NovoRapid for meals). I´ve had type 1 for more than 30 years, but almost always used a pump. The golf season that is coming up is my first one on MDI doing a round of golf, so any tip or advice would be helpful.

My regular golfcourse is 9km(5,5 miles), the course is mostly uphill/downhill and strenuous to walk, I walk and carry my bag whch weighs 12-13kg(27-28 pounds?) and a round lasts about 4 hours. Time at day may vary from morning, midday, afternoon.

I eat appr. 70 gram carbs a day, use regular soda for lows and I have a CGM.

Oh,- and another thing. I´ve been told that from a nutrional/physiological poin of view, one should eat and drink a tiny bit at the start of every second hole at a golf course to keep ones energy level steady. Hm... Interesting fact for a diabetic if its true.

Thank you in advance everybody.

I'd say use something besides regular soda for lows, as it would be sort of inconvenient to lug along the golf course. I think that the have a little bit of sugar/ snack on every other hole would be a pretty good idea you'd only really know how much if you test at each tee or something like that. I notice that when my BG gets low on the course that I start spraying balls all over the place, lots of slices and wormburners that are not very pretty so I hope you can keep your BG level!!

Regular soda adds weight even though I only carry one bottle (1/2 litre), but I find it hard to use energy gels. The ones I have weighs only 100 gr pr container (1 gram gives 7,5 gram carb) but I have no idea how to figure out how many carbs a sip would contain. A sip of regular soda equals for me 1 gram carb and is easy to control. I have never liked using glucose tabs for some reason, I find liquid stuff to be faster and more consistent. What do you use for jacking up your bg on the course?

I think maybe I should just keep my Lantus as it is and play around with food and snacks to keep my bg where I want it. With Lantus/NovoRapid the bg is really slow coming down when it has hit 160-180 so this MDI-thing is definitely a totally different way to treat my diabetes. Nothing is like it used be at all.

I think bg at every tee and snack/food at every second tee could do the trick. Like you I know something is wrong when I start slicing and just loosing my focus on the course, It happens even when not acutally low just out of energy, usually like 15 minutes before it really gets low.

Do you have any suggestion for snack/food that´s light weight and easy to carry?

Thanks for your reply, Susannah. I live in Norway, and I´ll look for Lifesavers or the like. Good advice. For maintenance I need something like the Cliff Shot Blocks, maybe I need to go visit the Health Food Store to find my treat.

I think like you mention, I only need (if needed at all) to adjust Lantus at night depending on acitvity level. Otherwise just adjusting the rapid acting using my meter and the CGM. Looks like I´m going to work more on the BG levels than my handicap this sesason. Wish me luck :)

Thanks. As they say; The definition of diabetes is doing the same thing over and over again and never getting the same result.