I Need to change the cartridge in my pump

Ok I started on my pump the 6 and I’m about out of insulin

And I don’t change the site tell tomorrow what I need to know is do I need to

Suspend the pump before I change the cartridge?


It depends on you site. Which site set are you using?

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your pump trainer should have gone over this with you…

you do not need to “suspend” the pump to change the cartridge.
there is a menu option (i think it’s called “rewind” or “prime”) - rewind the turnscrew, put in the new cartridge, put on the cap, attach your tubing to the pump (leave it disconnected from your site, though)
prime all the air out of your tubing, then reconnect to your site

someone posted videos on youtube, in case you need help - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvITXnByzjU

ok thanks everyone that helped a lot i get it now :slight_smile:
thanks again for answering my silly question

Yeah, if you suspend your pump first, or it suspends itself (due to being empty) you won’t be able to prime your pump before “resuming” :slight_smile: