I NEED your Help!

OK, so here is my story (the very short version anyway!)

I am in pharmacy school, which is very demanding, I have two kids, and am about to finalize my divorce (not my choice, but that is another story). My current insurance coverage is under Tricare (the soon-to-be-ex is in the military). This basically means I pay very little for my medicine, nothing for doctors, and nothing for my minimed pump supplies (although I still pay 100% for the CGM). Of course I loose all of that when the divorce is final.

I have a cobra type option through the military, but that will mean about $800 total per month (includes premiums and copays) There are not enough hours in the day to get a full time job to gain insurance that way, so I am trying to figure out if I have any other options.

If you have any ideas, or contacts, PLEASE share them with me. Once I am done with school and get a job it won’t be a problem (that is three years from now though!)

Thank you for your help,


If your husband chose to divorce you, you should insist that he pay for the insurance as part of the settlement. At least for your kids until they are 21. But also for you if possible. This is a very standard clause in divorces.

Beyond that, does your school offer any plans to students?

What does your State offer for low income families?

Try the chamber of commerce in the town where you live (or the nearest large town). Often you have to pay a yearly annual membership to join. But they often have an insurance plan for members that’s better and cheaper than what you can get yourself.

I’ve used this approach in the past when I was self employed.

Good luck.

Thank you so much for Replying! As for your question:

The kids will be covered, I just need to worry about me.

He is willing to pay for half of the premium (His part would be about $150 a month), This is actually the only point that is holding up the divorce (getting him to pay more until I am done with school), but it may come down to a judge deciding, and I don’t want to be caught in a lurch if that day comes!

The school does have insurance, but they pay a maximum of $3,000 a year. I could EASILY do that in a couple months.

As far as the state, I haven’t checked to see if it would work for me because I know they only pay for five meds a month, and only two can be brand name. I have 12 “regular medications” that includes the “normal” supplies such as syringes (for Symlin) and strips too. Three of them are brands with no equivalent generic (Symlin, Humalog etc.) I don’t know what they say about the strips and syringes, nor do I know how they deal with pump supplies. One of my greatest fears is being taken off the pump. (Although If I can’t afford it, then of course shots would have to do.)

Great idea, thanks!

I can’t think of anything better than what has been suggested.
Good luck, I hope all works out.


Those are a few links of places that help people with no insurance get testing supplies, meds etc.

Also what insulin are you on? I have some in my fridge that is still in date that I don’t use anymore. If it is something you take I am more than willing to ship it to you.


I can help you out with symlin and humalog. I take both but my dosages have recently been reduced and I still am geting 4-5 vials a month of each and I do not use that many, so my fridge is packed full of indate vials of it. I also have stock piled syringes as well. If you would like me to ship some of this to you email me your address to my tudiabetes account and I will get them sent to you next week.

Check out this Web site. https://www.pparx.org/Intro.php It searches all the prescription drug programs and sees which ones you qualify for. I used it, and I found out that all residents of my state qualify for reduced cost prescriptions with or without insurance. This is something you could possibly combine with the insurance through your school to make it cost less than $3,000.

Also, when you consider the insurance through your school, consider the fact that it probably includes free doctor’s visits. This has pluses and minuses. On the one hand, doctor’s visits don’t count toward your $3,000. On the other hand, you don’t have much of a choice of what doctor to see. It works out well though if you mainly want to see the doctor to get blood tests and prescription refills.

It is ironic that a pharmacy school doesn’t offer great insurance.

You might talk to Scott over at StickIt. He mentioned that Starbucks offers medical insurance to part time employees. Obviously that would mean that you would have to become an employee of Starbucks, and it doesn’t sound like you have much time. But…


To get insurance for the Self-Employed you have to BE self-employed and the insurer will require you to submit a Schedule C every year that you are covered.

Also,in quite a few states it is impossible to get insurance as a self-employed person if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

Insurance is a horrible nightmare in this country for quite a lot of us, but because so many people are covered at work, there aren’t enough of us for the Powers that Be to do something about it.

I don’t know if this will help… I know each state have a High Risk Insurance plans. You might what to check it out… I know Lilly has a free insulin for people who are low income family… Your Endo can help you with that… I know My Endo did… I know Bernard had a good idea and so did Kathy! Good Luck! I’m sorry too!!!