I neede help with diabetes!

mm So for the past 3 days, My sugars have been sooo wierd!. for ect, My insulin to carb ratio is 1:8. and my basal rate varies from .85 to .95. But like I said my sugars have been so wierd.
yesterday I had a bowl of ceral without a bolus, today I had milk and a muffin easily over 50carbs, only bolused 2 units. and my basal rate is set at .35 this is really throwing me off with everything =/ whats going on?. I just got over a cold to! could that have anything to do with it?


Too many unanswered questions to give any advice. I am the father of type 1 diabetic, so I am very used to managing numbers. Are you type 1 or type 2? What have your glucose readings been? No one can answer your question with a description of your sugars as “so weird” – high? low? up and down? Why would you have a bowl of cereal which, if served with milk, has a pretty good dose of carbs and not have a bolus?? Same with the milk and a muffin – 2 units is unlikely to be enough but, again, I don’t know what your numbers have been to say what bolus you should have had. As for the cold, absolutely they can affect your numbers (typically increasing them), but you say you just got over a cold – during the past 3 days? before? I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but if your numbers are out of control, it’s because you are not managing your diabetes by matching insulin to your carb intake and correcting for highs/lows. I also seriously suggest you talk to your doctor or nurse rather than seeking answers in a forum.


Patrick, im a type 1 My numbers have been low, thats why I didnt bolus much for that stuff. My numbers come down pretty fast! after eating, and it makes me feel like crap. My numbers have been under 150 like 90% of the time. Im always good about managing my diabetes, My A1c is 6.5 lol Im on an insulin pump and the dexcom right now and ive fine tuned my pump perfectly for every hour of the day. Just the past three days my numbers WONT stay up!, Its like I dont even have diabetes anymore

It sounds like maybe your doctor is keeping you high for some reason? My doc would like my numbers to always bebetween 80-120 (nope we don’tmanage that yet)

So I guess how much under 150 which is still high by most standards are u talking?

you might need to cal your doctor or CDE for some sick day plans–although I need to up my rates when sick


every spring and fall my basals change, a lot. I dropped from a .65 to 0.30 for over half the day now that the weather has changed. My AM basal hasn’t changed in 2 years but my 6AM to noon are definately screwed up now. My metabolism changes too. I was working on a project and my dawn phenomena went away for 6 months and my AM carb ratio went from 1:4 to 1:8. haha My pump was trying to kill me! The one thing about T1 is things don’t stay the same all that long. Have you started a new routine? are you exercising more at all? even walking counts.

You got diagonsed a year ago? You could actually still be making a little insulin, which will make figuring out your basals and carb ratios…well…impossible. You are doing the right thing, check - adjust - check - adjust…

good luck

Kenny - Just a thought… Do you think your pump could be giving you too much insulin? Like maybe it’s malfunctioning and giving you too much basal? I know you have an OmniPod and I don’t know much about those pumps, but that has happened to me (twice) with my Medtronic pump(s) before. The sensor that told the pump how much insulin it was dosing malfunctioned. If something like that is the problem, then of course it’s very serious since it could accidentally give you WAY too much insulin. When it happened to me, the pump displayed an error message pretty quickly and Medtronic replaced it (both times).

Maybe if you switched to shots for a day, it would help explain whether that is the source of the problem. If you still need very little insulin on shots, then obviously, it’s your body and not the pump.

Or, it could be a weird site issue with the pump? Like maybe the catheter is too close to a vein or something? Did this start on the same day that you started a new pod?

Just some thoughts. Good luck getting it figured out and please be careful. Maybe change your pod and check to see if there is any blood on the catheter?

You’re getting good feedback. First, I would not be too concerned about 150. If you had a target of 100 that you could consistently hit, withouth lows, then that would be great. Having said that, if your numbers really are low – you are feeling hypoglycemic – then Joe’s point about you possibly still having insulin of your own is right on point, at least possible for someone recently diagnosed. I would also look at anything that has been different in the past three days --> the fact that you had a cold is certainly a possible factor. Although I didn’t mention it, and Joe did, exercise may have a role, as would stress or other changes. As for the exercise, it has a huge impact. My 13 yr old daughter, with type 1, plays soccer and on days she has games or practice, and for 2-3 days after, I can expect her numbers to drop by at least 100 points overnight, like clockwork. Take a look at all these factors to find a reason(s) and like Joe said, keep checking and adjusting. One of the things over time you will see is that you will get better and better at predicting what will happen with your numbers in certain conditions: exercise or not, stress, colds, lost sleep, etc. Keep looking at all of these things and you’ll get a handle on it. Keep checking with your doctor if you have ANY questions. If he/she gets annoyed with your questions, find a new doctor! Good luck.

ahh! okayy sooo, Im not new to all of this! =] just to let you know. I changed my pump site, and my bloodsugars have been in my normal range! Thanks to everyone though! phew!