I-Port update

Well I have decided the i-port isn’t worth it for me. Yes it means I don’t have to give shots as I can do them through the port, but I am having trouble getting them to insert correctly. I went through 6 of them today as the cathater tubing kept getting kinked off. It just isn’t worth $150 a month if I can’t get them to insert correctly, so back to the shots I go.


Shots should be no big deal, IF you have the right needles for you. When I was first prescribed needles, the nurse–who had already demonstrated signs of having been trained 20 years ago–gave me a huge 1 inch needle. YUK!

Turns out there are tiny needles so thin that I don’t even feel them. They are the 31 gauge ones. I use the 5/8" short needles. I also found that I get huge nasty bruises injecting on my tummy, so I experimented until I found an area that works for me without bruises (outer top of legs.)

If you are having pain with your needles, talk to your pharmacist about what size might be better and then talk to your doctor. Doctors are NOT up-to-date on this kind of thing.

It isn’t the pain with the needles. It is that I am bruising so bad and I am using the 5/8ths shorts. Seems like no matter where I inject I bruise because I am on aspirin therapy as well. My Doctor is actually pretty much up to date and all I have to do is ask him for what I want and he gives it to me. Just like with the i-port, he had no clue about it until I took the research into him and then he was willing to let me try it after he read it.

Cody, I had the same experience. I also bruise really easily from shots- I’m coated in brusises. I’m not on aspirin though. I tried the ports and got site irritation, poor insulin absorption, etc. They do need inserters, but I’m not sure that even then they would be so great.