I really need help

Kay, what are your fasting, morning numbers? Before you eat, and really as soon as you can test when you get up. Do you test every morning? I think it would be helpful for those who want to give you advice and help you out, to know what your fasting numbers are.

Be sure to wash your hands every time :slight_smile:

I think its sweet that you care so much about puppies, and kids that you should know how special that makes you, rather than letting it cause you stress.

Is it a fair question to ask if you would call it stress, or anxiety? Also, while being nosy, do you monitor your blood pressure at home?

One day at a time, and if that is too much, one hour at a time.


John, I think anxiety discribes it pretty well. Stress was my doctors term so I just went with it.

In the morning (I must admit I have not been good about testing then.) I usually jump up and fix a big breakfast for my daughters and get Sheila, 19 and in college and working, off to work and Sami, 17, off to school and then start taking care of the animals and cleaning up and finally get a quick shower and get ready for the daycare kids to come. When I think of it I test before taking my metformin but have almost always brushed my teeth and had a glass of water or two by then.

I have gotten the impression that I need to have the monitor right by the bed and test before I get out of bed. Is that what I need to be doing? I just thought that morning means before I eat breakfast.

I plan to eat 6 meals (snacks) a day. I have never been a big eater so I try and eat (snack) more often. I had bad ulcer problems years ago and have not been able to eat a normal amount in about the last 30 years. The problem is my goal is 6 meals and I am lucky to remember 3 of them. My doctor said that now that I have changed what I eat and lost the weight my body thinks it is starving. I am sure that is not a good thing either. I am thinking that alarms on my cell phone might be a good thing.

Hi Kay,

You can’t test by the side of your bed, because you should wash your hands first. Me, I always have to make a stop first thing when I get up, so testing the bathroom works well for me :slight_smile: but I do it pretty well as soon as I get up. IMO, I think you should do so as well, at least at first, until you get into a real routine. Probably not a whole lot of difference so long as you don’t eat, but you do have to go with what works for you. As you know, you will be doing this for the rest of your life, so you have to have a routine that works, or you will fail. Consistency is probably more important than worrying about exactly when.

Not being there, and not being a doctor or medical expert, I am smiling at your doctor’s comments that your body thinks its starving. Somehow, I don’t think that is true. If you do not take in enough calories to maintain whatever weight you are at, you will lose weight, and feel hungry sometimes, but if you lost all that weight, your body is not yelling at you that you are starving, you are doing a good thing for it. Its just a pita to have to make all the adjustments, but your body will adjust right along with you, if you do it slowly, and intelligently.

Go with the alarms if that helps. Sorry to hear you do get lows. That makes it harder and more important to eat consistently. Maybe when you get tighter control, it won’t be such a threat and you can get away with the occasional missed meal. You sound like one busy person :slight_smile:

There is a difference between stress and anxiety, and how it affects your body. I was found to have a lot of anxiety, and have been taking medications for it for several years. I hate drugs, but it has gone a long way towards keeping me calm, and really lowering my BP. Stress is a different beast altogether, and needs different treatment. Again, that’s my opinion. There are meds for anxiety, but if you are ever so inclined, stay away from anti depressants. Doctors today love to give those out for just about everything, and you probably already know how bad that can be

After a while, post the AM numbers, and let’s see where you are at when you have fasted. Then it will be easier to work with what you eat. If you don’t know where you are before you eat, you will not know how high your meal raised your BG levels, so start small, make that baseline, and add line upon line till you find what works best for you.



I recently posted a reply to some thread a week or so ago…I too have had a very similar situation.

I’ve had the same GP for most of my life; therefore, I had all the trust in the world in him.

I was diag. with T2 and was told to just take my metformin and check my sugar…for a while my sugar went back to normal and all of my symtoms disappeared. Any such was life for a while…no problems…SO I THOUGHT.

Long story short…several months later…I had lost a lot of weight, aching muscles, etc (beginning signs of DKA).

On strong advice of my mother…I went to her Endo. A simple test and the meter just said ‘HI’…a subsequent A1C, and my phone just rang off the hook. My new Endo was telling me to come into the office to discuss my results and options. My BG came in at 900 something…she is wanting to place me directly into a hospital bed. I didn’t think that i was in as much trouble as i was in!!!

Anyway…my A1C is now in line…and believe it or not…I kinda look forward to testing my BG.

The only advice I have for you…WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT…please check around and find a good Endo, and give him/her a try. List all of the concerns/questions you may have, and listen to what they have to say.

just sayin’


Thanks John, you have given me a lot to think about. I worry a lot. So what ever the correct term is for to much worry, well, that is what I have. I worry about the pets in the pet shop. One poor pup had a different toe in each hole and you could see it was hurting and another was licking his feet and laying on his back. Anyway, I worry about health care and changes Obama will get made, I worry about war, I worry about everything. Stress, Anxiety, worry? I’m not sure, but I am guilty. :slight_smile:

As for starving. She was just trying to tell me that not eating enough was not good for me and my body needed more nutrition than I was giving it. I loved breads but had to give it up so I ate crackers and am happy having 10 crackers for a meal. She was telling me that I was starving my body because there was no nutrition in what little I did end up eating. She was happy with the 3 baby carrots but she just thinks I need to eat more often since crackers are my favorite meal.

I have a ton of alchol pads in my night stand and I just thought maybe I should use them and test before I got out of bed so I didn’t forget, at least at first until I am use to doing it. Is soap and water a better way?

Thanks for all your help. You have been great. Everyone has!

Thanks Michael. My highest was 600 and they did put me in the hospital for it and then on metformin. My A1C has stayed 6.0 but I get 300 every great once in awhile and several 150’s but also a lot of 60’s which I get dizzy at 80 and sleepy at 60 to the point I have trouble staying awake. I am sure I need to get a Endo and will talk to my doctor and see is she has someone she recommends. She seems to know everyone!

Thanks again,


I understand what you mean about worry, and all the anxiety/stress that comes with it. If it helps, I get the same way, about the same things :frowning:

There are many calculators on the net you can search for, that will tell you how many calories you need to ingest to maintain your weight, as well as adjustments if you want to lose weight. Meat is basically carb free, unless you like fried chicken but chicken itself is great, as is a steak, or pork chop. I eat my share of unsalted peanuts, walnuts, and even a spoonful of peanut butter. If you want calories, those will give them to you.

Finding what to eat to fill you up, is just a matter of asking here, and all around the diabetes forums. You can send me a private message if you like, and I will tell you what I eat. It may not be the ideal for you, since we are all different, but if you think you want to hear what others eat, please go ahead and ask. I won’t fill the forum with it all, but then, its not that much either. I tend to eat the same things over and over. Pretty boring, actually.

www.calorieking.com sells a great piece of software that lists practically every food you can think of, along with its nutritional values. You can make menus, total each meals carbs and calories, and even the whole day’s worth of eatin, track exercise, and all kinds of cool things. The trial package is, I think, 7 days, so you can take a look at it if you like. I don’t work for them :slight_smile: and its a bit costly, but its a very complete tool for tracking what you eat, and what’s in it. You can also just go to the site and search their huge database for whatever you are looking for. They list fast food and other popular restaurants as well. Be sure you know about the carbs, in everything you eat. Crackers can fool you so check on em.

Soap vs alcohol? I don’t think the term is “best way” but more like, “what works for you” so you can get a routine. I would like to hear from others on this one, because in my mind, alcohol will dry out your fingers and make them crack and get sore eventually. At least, that is my feeling about it, so I have always just used soap and water, plus the hot water helps bring the blood to the tips so I can keep the pokey thing on a lower number. If using the pads gets you consistently doing morning readings, and you don’t worry about drying out your finger tips, that is the way to go in my book.

I keep repeating myself :slight_smile: but this is a lifetime disease, and we have to rebuild our lives around it, so whatever makes it easier to control, that is not shown to be detrimental, seems like the logical way to go.

I would have to agree with those who recommend finding and Endo to set you up and help you along, but money and maybe time, is always an issue, and frankly, if your A1c is 6.0, you are doing pretty well for yourself. My theory was when I was first dx’d, I am gonna try this myself, make a pest of myself on the boards, and see if I can handle it. If things don’t get in control and stay there, I will have to get someone to help me out. So far, I think I have it under control. Might not stay that way forever :wink: but for now, I am at 5.0 on A1c, and so I hope to avoid spending money on professional help.

As Michael said, we are all different. There is no one, right way that applies to everyone. We have to take ownership of this disease, and we are the only ones who can control it.

Keep working on the small steps, and before you know it, it will be second nature.


John, I would love to know what you eat. I know I need more than crackers and carrots. When I first found out I was diabetic my doctor sent me to www.mypyramidtracker.gov/ it is a free sight with every type of information on what you eat and you enter it in and it will even keep a graph of your eating habits. It will keep it by the day, week, month or year. I quit when I reached my weight goal. I guess maybe I should use it again to try and find the right number of carbs to eat. I would email you but I have no clue how to do that. I also got a nice little purse size book with all the info from most foods you fix at home and eat out even by the place you eat at. I may need to find it again. I guess I was wrong when I thought I wouldn’t need all that once my weight was no longer an issue. I like crackers and 10 seems to be a good meal for me and I handle it fine with no changes that I have noticed but like I said earlier I wasn’t sure when to track.
I am lucky, I have good insurance and can see almost anyone with no referal. They don’t cover much on strips but that’s ok I guess. They are cheaper than the doctors bill would be without insurance.