I remember everything I eat. Then I forget

I took a morning and evening dose of insulin for two decades. I had to eat before bed. Last night ready for bed decided to eat chips beans cookies. Awoke one hour early with high BG. Took 20 units. Woke up to alarm with downtrend. Made a pot of decaf to drink during 45 minute commute. I heard the triple beep warning of fast BG decline. It had a long way to fall. I felt something before the work day began. So I checked CGM to see BG dropping into redline while steadying some. Four pieces of chew candy a banana eight crackers. The next four hours I ate glucose tabs. Four, eight grams carb at a time each hour. It becomes six hours after the dose. I know a large dose stays working a long long time. So I take no bolus to eat two apples salami and twelve trisket crackers. Three hours later BG is 170. I take four units bolus and drop my basal from 0.8 to 0.4. I’ve avoided a high or low and feel better for it. Preparing for ninty minute commute BG is eighty. I’m active all day and it burns calories in the afternoon. I eat a kiwi and ten cookie wafers and two diet soft drinks carbonated root beer and seven up. The high blood sugar was corrected and I was energized. I got home fried seven eggs, browned a half cup sausage added canned chili and poured over eggs. Early took multivitamin. It’s important to me to remember these details to develop insight into how to treat my diabetes.