I Root for You - A note to self

Dear Nelle,

I'm writing this before the New Year so you officially know this is NOT a resolution. No, this is you recognizing that your health is more important then your job, then the stares you deem judgmental (freaked or faint worthy) when you check you blood sugar in public, then the "fun" you think that you've missed or are missing out on for being a type 1 diabetic.

This is a note for you to remember that perfection is word and not lifestyle. At no point in your life have you been perfect (sorry to fill you in on this tidbit at such a late age), so why would you think that there would be perfection in your diabetes management/numbers? Silly girl, Trix is for lows!

So know this, as long as you are trying and working hard to keep yourself healthy. At your highest (careful now!) and lowest (sugar, please!) I will root for you, because you are worth it!

Continue to walk through the challenge that's been presented to you with determination and faith in yourself...no one will know you’re playing checkers on the chess team.

And should you feel so inclined, when you read this back to yourself, whether that be a day, a month, year...a decade (wowsa, you’re gonna be old). I'd like for you to remember or know that this "note to self" was inspired by Fiona Apple's (you know, the this world is bullshit girl circa 1998) song Valentine. The other day you put it on repeat like a mad woman (it's a good song) and thought to yourself “I really should root for myself more often.”

We are in this together, at the beginning, middle, and end of the day, I will always root for you. After all, you're the only one who can hear me shouting.


I root for you, I love you. You, you, you, you.


Go, Nelle!

A lot of others are rooting for you, too!

Best wishes!


I LOVE this!! Thank you for sharing. I may borrow some of this for myself!!! Xoxoxo