I should move on

I found a new sandwich option at work that I feel is kind of healthy but not carb friendly.

I order a half of special number one, which is a turkey on a hard roll (but I order half), and of course each time they cut the half of hard roll differently, so carbs vary.

I have not had really good results at all after two hours, but I keep trying because it is half of TURKEY sandwich and I thought better than the whole chicken salad on wheat I have had quite often with very good results but I am sure very high calories.

Why don’t I give up as my bloodsugars are not liking the hard roll, but I feel the turkey is better for me.

Sick diabetic puppy again.

I usually bring my lunch so I know more closely what it is. It may perhaps be “healthy” but it’s mostly that I’m sort of lazy about it and know that when I do that it isn’t too much work to end up where I want. I switched from eating lunchmeat to peanut butter recently as I’d read that lunchmeat increases your chance of coming down with T2 by 19%?

you know what they say, “go naked” (that is on your sandwich) try not to have rolls. Rolls have lots of carbs, even half a roll. Instead, how about a turkey sandwich on a veggie wrap? Or, you could have the turkey sandwich in a huge piece of lettuce. Turkey is healthy…so stick with the turkey, not the roll.

I usually avoid rolls at lunch like the plague, but for some reason I was drawn to half a roll and it is way good, and that is saying a lot for our office deli. Tomorrow I will try rye as their salads suck bigtime

I am on again off again with bringing my lunch to work as that means I have to go grocery shopping., but I do have much better results with what I bring,

I do pb every morning on one slice of oat toast, but if I could avoid T2.

not “better”, “lazier”!! diabetes is usually enough work that if I can take the afternoon off 5 days/ week, it rocks!!

One would think a turkey and a chicken are fowl so tithing either would be okay and bread for s sandwich or roll should be close to the same wouldn’t one! That a bummer. Maybe if you decide to get brave again if you ask them to scoop out the bready part of the roll which would leave the crusty part that may be enough of a reduction in carbs to make it okay! I’m sorry you are not feeling well! Karen

Wonder about those Subway low carb wraps? They have a lower carb wrap, and I’ll bet you could put turkey and veggies in it.

Yeah, and coffee and alpha-lipoic acid are supposed to reduce your chances of developing Type 2 as well! Are you REALLY worried???