I signed up for the JDRF walk

I’m really excited, as this is my first walk and I will get to meet some people I have not met before. I get to meet a man and his family, his 10 year old daughter has diabetes. They live about 20 minutes from my house, and never knew it! I also (maybe) get to meet somebody my age who I feel like I have known forever. Actually, we are so alike in someways it’s truly frightning :slight_smile: I’m really excited! My team name is “Kiersten’s Hope” What do you think? Does anybody know the price to get t-shirts made? Only a little over a month until the walk! Wish me luck that everything goes well!

Hey! GOOD -LUCK with your jdrf walk. Ours is this weekend. I designed our tshirts and my brother is doing the artwork. For are team WE ARE ALL PUMPED UP! You might want to look around t-shirt and places that do bulk sells of tshirts.Depending on colors of shirts and what logo graphics etc you want on it can get PRICEY! But you my ask local stores to donate the tshirts and put there logo somewere on it. Also check out cafe press online. Or type in tshirts. Did you already register? You should at www.jdrf.org. Then you can make a fundraiser page for you and your team members. And the best part is watching your$$$$$$$$$$ raise so your thermonater burst. Well take care and let me know how you make out. Oh yeah one more thing call jdrf and see if they have a theme for there walk. And you need jdrf logo and team name on tshirt to win a prize. well bye:)