I sure have messed it up royally, trying to understand the options: CGM? Pump?

Ok, now taking 3xNovolog 10u and 1xLantus 42u daily. I test before each shot and 2 hours after my big meal of the day (which is the noon meal), that is 5-6 finger sticks a dayI haven’t had a bgm below 130 for a couple weeks now, sticking with this plan so my doc can tell what really needs to happen next. (High glucose was 290).

Looking at the CGM Units? If I had a way to see what was happening, wouldn’t it make sense for me to take an insulin shot before it got so high? Clearly one of my problems is that I haven’t a clue about safe foods to eat, and those that throw me out of range.I read somewhere that for 15 carbs injested you should take 1 unit of insulin for correction. Should an insulin pump come first, or do I even need one. Dare I mention it to my Doctor? My Diabetic Doctor is in the Veterans Administration, she has been very helpful so far. Everyone tells me it will take a while of adjustment, just to trust my Doctor.

Trying to track my BGM on my iphone, and have the following programs on it, Glucose Buddy, Diamedic, DiabettesPilot collect data well, but not much for reporting), and Project Diabetes. Trying to keep them all up, until i sort the final one out. I must say that Project Diabetes has the smartest entry screen of them all, I don’t understand why they don’t all collect or allow entry of your Glucose on the INsulin screen ( you can enter it on the iPhone, on your laptop, or via voice over the telephone), instead of forcing you to make a seperate entry.but, they don’t give you good analysis when you have it collected.

I like the charts of Diamedic, nice and simple, and glucose buddy is the quickest and easiest to get used to.

I have tested several on the Notebook computer, Co-Pilot (Abbott), Compass 360 (Accu-Chek), and the One Touch. I am currently keeping the Co-Pilot up to date since it has reports that I can understand. I have noticed tho that the Insulin Pump companies, and CGM Companies all have software that works with their units, and that software seems to have all the things I look for. I am sure you can see by now, that I am somewhat of a Techie, and throw myself into the programs.

But… if I knew my glucose was going up, would i be capable of giving the correct dosage to calm it down? or would it be better to go with a pump and try to maintain lower levels? I have Medicare part B and the VA system, to work with, otherwise any decision will be paid for out of my pocket (if I can even afford it).

Back to the beginning, I sure have made a mess…

I think you should defff go with the pump, im going on it next month or later this month…it will change your life and yes, you would be capable of giving the correct dosage to calm it down

Oh my lots of reading here …my suggestion : firstly you may want to hook up with someone who can teach you about carb. counting ( dietitian ?) then discuss pump therapy …secondly : even without using a pump carb counting is very useful …good health , my dear …my response NOT related to April fool’s , ha, ha …

I agree that you need to work with a diabetes educator or dietitian until you have a better understanding of how foods are affecting your numbers. Everyone’s insulin to carbohydrate ratio is different, so the 1 unit for 15g estimate is not necessarily correct, though it might be for you.

An insulin pump will require you to test more often (8-10x per day is suggested), especially as you’re setting the programming features (which will often require adjustments over time). I would recommend a pump for any insulin user over multiple daily injections, but you may not yet be ready for the many features involved with pump therapy. Your endo can certainly help you assess that. A CGM can help you catch highs, yes, but first you really need some help determining why the highs are happening based on your dietary choices and long-acting vs. short-acting insulin dosages. See about meeting with a diabetes educator. It will change your life.

ok, talked yesterday with my doctors nurse, they will schedule me into the next available diabetes education class, Also signed up for the medtronic class April 9, (about 25 miles from here), would like to go to an animas Ping (they are integrating the Dexcom Seven Plus CGM into their Ping), and Omnipod class if they had such a thing. It sure would be great if I could find them all in one place so I could go from booth to booth, I would be happy to drive to that Exhibition. I sure feel pretty passive at the moment, like i am sitting and tapping my feet, and not on the dance floor. Trying to deal with this diabetes, (at least get a workable plan) has been all consuming for me, I need to turn my attention to my 2008 taxes for a little while. Thanks for all your suggestions, and I hope you see that I am paying as much attention as I am capable of.

Estel, good plan to take care of things, such as your taxes …one step at the time …are you able to fit some walks into your daily life ??..probably will lower your blood sugar levels …maybe others have suggested this already ??.. And wearing a pump is usually " more time spent , not less on managing your diabetes " .More finger pokes, not fewer …the big pay off for me was being less regimented with NOT having to eat precisely at the same time … I ate healthy before I started pumping and I have continued .
Stay well .