I think I am in the sign of depression. What is its remedy?

Now I am facing the problem of depression .Diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic for 15 years (Now I am 27) and I also have been suicidal tendencies for many years .My school and college days was so isolated. But now am trying to do change in my life, concentrating my work, practicing yoga etc. Medicated depression in four months. But in certain days going to depression, as per the symptoms.
But i hardly moving forward. Caring my diabetes.

I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling depressed. The emotional pain caused by depression can be so severe and people who have never been clinically depressed often just do not understand. You mention that you are taking an antidepressant. Perhaps the dosage needs adjusting or perhaps you need to switch to a different antidepressant. Ask your prescriber. Also, are you seeing a counselor or therapist? One who specializes in people with diabetes would be preferred. You might have to see a few counselors before you find one who is a good “fit” for you. Be sure you are getting enough sleep on a regular schedule and regular exercise, as these two things are part of the formula for beating depression. Hang in there and check in here to let us know how you are doing. Take care!



I am, so sorry you are reporting this. As one who suffers form depression and who has felt symptoms like you are describing, I completely understand. There are only two things that have worked for me. Talk therapy and anti depressants. I hope you will find a therapist, who will see you and a doctor who will prescribe the necessary medication.


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Now I am not using antidepressants.I knew after three or four days going a depressive down like a cyclical move.
In the time of this reply, am fine.

Hi Rick,
Before 5 months back found a therapist and he prescribed some pills for reducing anxiety. And for decreasing negative
thoughts. But followed that tablets 3 months as per the therapist’s instruction but after I stopped medication due to financial problems. Now I am realising going a depressive mood after 3 days or more as a cyclical move.