I Think I need extra insulin

I have finally gotten my MBGs under control. Now I need to control my #s after I eat. I eat the number of carbs alotted me and I exercise twice a day but my numbers are higher than they should after I eat. I’m on Lantus but I think I need something more. HELP!!!

How high are your numbers after you eat?
And what is your goal for numbers after you eat?
How long after eating are you checking?


The number of carbs “allotted to you” may be far too high. Most people with type 2 can’t handle more than 15-20 per meal. Nutritionists who don’t have diabetes and don’t understand the impact of carbs will tell people to eat a lot more than that, and then, of course their blood sugars shoot up.

if you try the strategy described in the helpful page below and still can’t get normal post meal blood sugars, you should ask your doctor about post-meal insulin.


I agree with Jenny, but would also add that people with type 2 are often prescribed only basal (long-acting) insulin, when the reality is that many have lost a significant portion of their beta cell function, meaning that while they may require basal insulin, they also suffer high post-prandial numbers because their own beta cells cannot secrete enough insulin.

Have you ever had a C-Peptide test to let you know how much endogenous insulin your body is still producing? Most major labs (Quest, LabCorp.) can do this test easily and its inexpensive, too. This might prove very informative.

I have never had a C-Peptide test (that I know of). I am on a basal insulin (lantus) and an oral medicine (glucotrol xl). My numbers are sometime good and sometime not so good, sometimes in the 200’s. I am allowed 2 carbs per meal and 1 cab per snack. I do my best to follow my diet (90% of the time). I have good days and bad. I would like to have all good but I know that, that isn’t always possible.

Good morning Cody. My number after meals can be anywhere from 160s to over 200. I would love to have my numbers in the 140s after meals, and I test 2 hours after eating. I have an appointment with my Dr tomorrow and will talk to him and see what he thinks about adding another insulin. I belong to a website called sugarstats.com and can print out my averages for him to look at and then I guess go from there.