I think I'm an IDIOT! (caps intended!)

I like to think I'm a reasonably intelligent woman or at least I seem to learn quickly. But either I'm losing IQ points since having turned 50, or I'm just an IDIOT!!!

Now, I'm almost 2 yrs into my T1 dance & as u know, I've really tried to do my research to understand my new normal, but I seriously made a HUGE misstep...TWICE!!

I'll explain... I'm trying to incorporate a daily after dinner walk in an attempt to control my post-prandial highs. Great in theory!!

Usually, when I go for a walk whenever, I check a BG and also, carry my meter & supplies and enough Smarties for at least 2 low treatments. Key word here is usually!! I didn't check my BG, nor did I carry "my kit" of usual suspects.

Luckily, my new walking pattern is after a meal & I do pretreat my insulin at least 10 mins before my meals. So, my BG was likely higher from the meal but I really had no idea. I'm VERY lucky that I didn't experience a low but I'm angry with myself for "forgetting" to do the usual precautions I normally take. It was really irresponsible!!!

Now, the reason for the capitalized IDIOT!!! Unbelievably, I DID IT AGAIN!!! And, this time I wasn't so lucky!!! I had a low that produced the "dumb" symptoms I say that I experience. I was walking w a friend, but I couldn't verbalize that I was low and without my "kit". She asked me if I was ok but all I could say was, "yah." So, we parted ways and I very shakily continued the block to my house.

I'm fine but I guess what I'm trying to say is don't do what I did, TWICE!!! Please, please, please... Take a minute before u go for ur exercise or just running out the door to do an errand & make sure u have what u need to be safe w u!!!!

We all matter!! & I'm selfish & I want u around to read my silly blog!! Thanks for that by the way!!!

Remember, CHECK!!! Don't guess!!!

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!
Try an after meal or between courses walk on turkey day, but please bring ur stuff!! Learn from my mistakes!!! I know!!! I'm an IDIOT!!! Don't be like me!!

I always carry everything I might need to treat a low

Sounds like you are just a normal human to me. I've been "dancing" for over 40 years and I still forget my supplies sometime.

You guys are so good you really impress me. I think that maybe I take to many chances or think that I know my body to well

I always carry my stuff, but it has nothing to do with me. It is my wife who reminds me. She is like the greatest safety net in the world. Maybe if you are walking with a friend, you could ask them to remind you. One I give a job like to others, they rarely forget or do not do it.

Don’t stress. Let this be a lesson to remember to check and bring your supplies. I have been a T1 over 4yrs now, and I still forget supplies every so often. Casually, the supplies I forget are the ones I need the most during that time. If your walking with someone else, ask them to help you out, by reminding you or having sugar with them, just in case.

I agree with Mike, you are just human--as we all are--and Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Thanks everyone for ur kind responses!!! I have taken ur suggestion of asking my walking partner and I asked her if she can just remind me if I have my stuff. I use Smarties for my low treatments, so she said she's just gonna call me Smarty pants from now on & this way we'll have a funny & cute way to help me stay safe!!

Hope u all have a great Thanksgiving!!

Well, you're definitely not an idiot and I'm sure we have all forgotten supplies. I have actually forgotten my insulin at home at least two x, one of which I started spiking after a hike and I ended up at 224 or so by the time I got home. Now I have an extra insulin pen of fast acting in my purse as well as the two pens in my frio case. I will be starting a tandem pump soon and have joked at least with a pump I can't forget my insulin, but I will still need the pens. Happy Thanksgiving :-)

I too think you're not an idiot. An idiot wouldn't even think about going for a walk after dinner. LOL I also think that people like helping their friends and showing them support. So sharing info with friends is a great idea! I probably share to much with to many! LOL but atleast everyone is very aware of what I need if I am unable to help myself. :)

that's why we are all here to help each other
happy turkey day & lots of hugs