I think I've found the worlds fastest way to lose weight!


Get your daughters stomach flu! Whoopie-doo!

Yeah, I managed to lose 5 pounds in one day. Not the fun way though! I feel better today though, thank goodness, and so does she. So I'm going to make myself feel better and pretend that I actually lost those 5 pounds, even though now that I've drank some water its probably all back again. :)

Terry's staying home with Harper today because she's still a little cranky and we didn't want her catching something new at daycare until she's fully recovered. I think we will all be 100% by tomorrow, which is great because we have a bunch of people coming over for a housewarming BBQ. Terry is going to make pulled pork for sandwiches and braughts - and I'm making maccaroni salad, regular salad, and cookies. Everyone else is bringing snack stuff and whatever they feel like. It's going to be hard to be good with all that food around! Like I need to decide - do I want a sandwich or do I want a braught? To make a good calorie meal I need to just pick one. Trying everything is one of my big downfalls in the first place - forget about going to a buffett! I don't even let myself go in them anymore!

I am a little too worn out and tired to try pushing myself out in the heat by trying to walk in the parks today. I don't want to get myself all sick again. I'll get some exercise tonight cleaning up the house anyway I suppose. Not really a cardio workout - but hey, it's something!


Start: 245 Today: 238 Down: -7 (Most likely tomorrow: 241 at least ;)

Pic: Sick Doodle and Monkey Hugs


She’s so cute! I’m trying to lose weight too… It’s hard when you have a family who wants the junk food all the time… I have been trying new recipes from Holly Cleggs Trim & Teriffic… My family thinks it’s gross because it’s not junk food… I’m not giving up… Good Luck! Have a GREAT Weekend!