I Think my Body is Playing Jokes

I’m not usually one to blog… but I found this pretty funny

I think my body likes messing with the poor interns that come to our school (Liberty University
and Lynchburg College is near by… both have very good nursing

The only times I seem to go low anymore is when an intern is in the nurse’s office… ALONE.

I’m not just talking about somewhere in the 60s… I don’t even bother
to go to the nurse for them. I’m talking about those severe ones less than
50. Today I got a 46 on the intern’s first day! She runs to the fridge
to grab some juice… but of course… No more juice left. I know its
wrong, but it was kinda funny to watch her run over to the radio and
call for the nurse or athletic trainer or ANYBODY!!! The athletic
trainer calmly walks in with some juice and says

"What is it?" …I tell her. She says “not enough breakfast?”
“Honey comb.” She then scolds me for not having enough fat/protein
in my meals, gives me the juice, and I was back to normal in 20 minutes
and went on with my day like nothing happened.

All this time, the intern kept looking at me, nervous that I was going to pass out or something.

But of course, this isn’t the only time this has happened. The time
before this, around 2 weeks ago, I started to feel low at the end of the
day. 36… ahhh crap… No biggie, I’ll just eat a few glucose
tablets… which I’m out of…CRAP!

So I leave class, go to the vending machine to grab some starbust, and
casually walk into the nurse’s office. Instead of the usual nurse there
was a sub and an intern… Now don’t get me wrong, she is a nice lady
and knows TONS about diabetes, but her son has diabetes and apparently,
has passed out in the 40s.

The mood in that place changed from casual, to mass panic in one
sentence. “Ummm… Yeahhh… I’m at 36…” I won’t get into everything
that happened, but she was getting glucagon ready RIGHT IN FRONT OF

Why can’t I get low on a normal day in the nurse’s office?

lol! good idea, I’ve actually done something like that once though. In 6th grade I was walking to the nurse and my teacher insisted that someone walk with me (so I can trust my life to a 6th grader or something.) So the teacher picks some girl and we start going to the nurse. She asks what happens if I’m low. I tell her that if it gets too low I could pass out. About 10 seconds later, I pretended to pass out in the middle of the hall. I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone scream that loud lol… We got a lot of weird looks from teachers :slight_smile:

TimmyMac, I don’t know about these practical jokes, but otherwise I totally relate to your blog. Dunno about my sense of humor, but I find it really, really funny.

It happened again… I had a low of 49 right before lunch, and the sub nurse was there! ugh…

thanks for makeing me laugh. i was laughing the whole time i read it. That has never happened to me but i have had a sub in LA before i i checked myself and was 65. I did not have any tablets so i was going to go to the clinic. I casually walk up to her and tell her i need to go to the clinic because i was diabebtic and low. Well instead of tellin me to go ahead and go she made a big deal of it and spazed out and then was just like. It must suck being u. like what the heck lady